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Dating Question of the Month

We asked readers to tell us: “How has coronavirus affected your romantic relationships?” Here’s what people said.

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“Overall, our relationship has strengthened during the quarantine. It has been nice to have a close companion during these difficult and uncertain times. Having less busy schedules and obligations has let us spend more time to talk about deeper things and we’re both less stressed and getting better sleep. We’re enjoying the slower, more simple pace. It feels like a recharge in some ways. It was stressful to have to cancel our wedding though! But we decided to still get married in a very different way and have come to terms with the change.”


“At nearly 70, I went online again looking for companionship and love. Within 10 days, I received an expression of interest from a man who, amazingly, sounded appropriate and interesting. We met on the Ides of March in a public park where we walked my aging dog. The visit was enjoyable, and we agreed to meet again for another walk. By then, the governor issued the stay-at-home order, and we had to decide whether to continue seeing each other. Our solution was to only see each other, period. Despite the inconveniences that this decision poses, we continue to do so. For me it means no get-togethers with girlfriends unless we’re masked and outdoors. Grocery shopping is online with delivery to the car, also masked. We have time to cook together, to read a book and then watch the movie made from that book. The pandemic hasn’t made this new relationship better, but it has helped clarify that we’re good to our word. It has also slowed things down so that we can savor each moment.”

— Anonymous

“From losing my job, my emotions were completely over the top. My partner works from home all the time so he was basically unaffected by COVID-19. The first few weeks left me in this new world trying to figure out what to do. My moods were all over the place and I’d lash out at him. He was super patient and I’m so grateful. I was able to slow down and be aware of my emotions and how awful I was communicating, and HE learned that he needed to make more space for showing me empathy and supporting. We made it through!”

— Alicia

“There were a couple tense moments in the beginning that were probably due to spending too much time together, but it’s been going really well since. We moved in together first week of March. It’s nice to be social distancing with someone rather than living alone. But we definitely had to learn to spend time apart from each other, even if that means one person is in the bedroom and one person is in the living room. We used to travel one long weekend every month and it really kept things fresh and exciting for us. We’ve been trying to find new ways to do that in COVID-19 times, like trying a new restaurant for takeout or going on a weekend road trip instead. It feels like it’s harder to capture that same excitement, but more important to try to do that since moving in together made our relationship more mundane.”

— Anonymous

“It is more difficult GETTING that first date. With a mask on, you can’t see what they look like, (of course, that isn’t the only thing that matters), and you can’t suggest a cup of coffee or a drink to get to know them. A problem!

— Ed

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