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Dating Question of the Month

With the more expansive rollout of COVID-19 vaccines underway, how will that affect your dating habits (people you’re willing to meet, favorite date spots you’d like to return to, etc.)?

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“I’m definitely going to wait until I’m vaccinated and most people are as well, but I’m really looking forward to finally feeling comfortable meeting others in person again.”

— Anonymous

“I’m looking forward to finally being able to go to a concert for a date.”

— Andrew

“I’m already vaccinated, not much has changed though.”

— Elise

“I’m adhering to all the same protocols until everyone in my pod is also vaccinated. And even then, I’ll probably wait until infection rates are way down before going maskless on a date.”


— Bridget

“I think this is mostly increasing the frequency of dates … if I’m able to get dates, that is.”

— Will

“Meeting in real life sooner and more often. I already am, now that I’m vaccinated!”

— Robin

“There will be more options on things to do for dates. As places open up the variety of dates will be a nice change of pace.”


“I’m likely to stick with distancing for a while. Vaccination doesn’t mean invincible.”


“It does feel like this is coming at the perfect time. I’m so burnt-out on Zoom. Of course, I’m still being careful and cautious, but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m ready to meet more people.”

— Anonymous

“There’s much more comfort being one-on-one in private spaces. Not much difference in public.”



“It won’t change much for me. I like slow dating.”


“I’ve been vaccinated already, so I’ve been kind of skewing toward finding people on the apps (Tinder and Hinge) that say they’ve been vaccinated, too. I’m not discriminating or anything! But it just seems easier to make plans.”

— Anonymous

“It won’t change how I date, but it will give me more peace of mind.”

— Meg

“There’s no change right now. More people need to be vaccinated.”

— Colleen

“I might actually start dating again.”

— Sean

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