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Best Date/Worst Date

We asked readers to submit stories about the best, worst and weirdest dates they’ve been on. Here’s what they said.

(Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.)

BEST: “My tires were so bad that I could see the wires coming through the rubber, so I took my car to a local 76 service station and a nice gentleman repaired them for me. When I started backing out he mumbled something. I didn’t understand what he said so he repeated, ‘Would you like to go to a hockey game with me?’ He was handsome and I had never been to a hockey game so I said, ‘OK.’ He was so funny and great to be with. He later told me it took him so much nerve to ask me out, and then he had to repeat it twice, and on top of it he hated hockey.”


TOUGH: “So 20 minutes in, my date shared he had a rare incurable disease and was expected to live for only another five to seven years. It was pretty hard to go back to talking about jobs and hobbies after that. I told him, ‘Thank you for feeling comfortable telling me about it,’ and I navigated the rest of the date mostly by having him tell me about the disease and what his life will look like in the next five to seven years. I let him keep talking so I didn’t have to. He thanked me for not coddling him over it.”



BEST: “Went for a hike near Leavenworth to check out the fall colors. Ended up filling our lunch containers with blueberries that we found once we made it to the lake. I sent her home with all the blueberries and she made pancakes with them.”


WORST: “I no longer remember this guy’s name, how I met him or why I agreed to go out with him. He took me to dinner at one of the really nice Rosellini restaurants in downtown Seattle, back in the day. I was 20 years old, I think, and he was a few years older. I hadn’t yet started at the University of Washington, from which I would graduate in 1978. About halfway through dinner he told me I had ‘really nice table manners for someone with no higher education.’ WHAT?! In my dreams I flipped my dinner plate into his lap. In reality I probably refrained from calling him an idiot, said thank you, finished dinner, went home and never went out with him again. I’m not sure my table manners improved any when I got my degree.”


MEMORABLE: “I was working the retail counter at a local department store when he came in. I assisted him and he left; I thought he was cute and really wanted to ask for his number, but I was way too shy. All of a sudden he was back in line 10 minutes later and I was super flustered. He came up with a tie and said to me, ‘Hey can I get your number?’ And of course I said yes! I was a little nervous, but coincidentally his 10th grade gym teacher was behind him, and gave a raving review of how nice a boy he was. This was at a time when I had just gotten ghosted after being with a guy for a whole semester, so I wasn’t really into dating. But the girls at the makeup counter told me to just go for it, it was a free steak dinner. That Tuesday we went out on our first date. I was going to order a salad, and he looked at the waitress and said, ‘No she’s gonna have a steak just like me. How do you want it cooked, medium-well?’ We ended up closing down the restaurant and we became inseparable.”


WORST: “In May 1974, my best friend and I were on a double date. Her date was kind of a new boyfriend, and mine was his friend (I’ll call him ‘Mike’), who seemed nice enough. We were at the Black Angus Steakhouse on Aurora and had just ordered our meals. I looked over at Mike and he had turned an odd greenish hue and was sweating profusely. By then we all were looking at him and he said weakly, ‘My foot was run over by a truck this morning.’ I almost yelled, ‘Then why the heck did you come out for dinner you idiot!’ But, since I was 17 and polite at the time, I said, ‘Poor thing, now what should we do?’ Well, we left the restaurant and ended up spending the next couple of hours at the UW Medical Center emergency room. Fun date! Never did see Mike again.”


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