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Dating Question of the Month

Hindsight is 2020: What’s something about a previous relationship that you now know is insane but that felt “normal” during that time?

“My ex-boyfriend decided he was going to try to live more simply, so he cut his wardrobe down to five or less of each item of clothing. So he had five shirts. One was a Christmas shirt that he did wear year-round because he only had five in rotation.”


“I paid their rent for YEARS before they ever paid me back.”


“I started dating someone at the beginning of the pandemic, my (now) ex had told me he had one kid … turns out he had two kids and was not involved in either of their lives. Huge red flag.”



“The phrase ‘love bombed’ was not something I would have thought to be a bad thing until it happened to me. Basically, I started dating someone in November and by December, they were talking about our future and what our plans would be for the next Christmas … They ended up breaking up with me that February because they had ‘fallen into a relationship they weren’t ready for.’ So basically being ‘love bombed’ is romantic manipulation that begins with an overload of love and affection that turns toxic and can be abusive.”


“She slowly wanted to spend more and more time with me, to the point where she would be mad if we hung out less than six times a week. It took me way too long to realize that wasn’t normal, and I missed hanging out with my friends, haha.”


“Everyone hated his mom but catered to her even when she did awful things. 0/5 stars.”


“Men making critical comments about my body. I thought it was OK but it’s really subversive.”


“I’ve never been a huge social media person. My ex wanted to document everything, I mean EVERYTHING we did on Instagram and Snapchat. I don’t mind a picture here or there, but it was weird she’d post videos of me sleeping.”


“My last partner lied about living with his ‘ex’ (still technically married wife). What’s up with people lying about still being divorced if they are NOT legally divorced?”


“My boyfriend only hung out with me Sunday through Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday were ‘for the boys.’ It started in college and I was like, ‘Well he’s in a frat, so maybe that’s a thing.’ Then it continued into our 20s … no weekends or holidays together because that wasn’t for girlfriends. If someone said that now, I would crack up and run. But I think the habit developed so young in such a strange environment that I just went with it. Later I found out he cheated all the time so it made perfect sense … like duh. What is happening Thursday through Saturday with the ‘boys’ hahaha.”


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