Rave for fireworks shows, Urban Rest Stop, chasing purse thief, saving dog, help at Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, Rainier Beach Pool; rant for personal fireworks, dog at cemetery, carpool lane cheaters, grandmother’s foul language

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to pyrotechnic experts who put on impressive fireworks displays here and around the country. Rant to nitwits who light off loud fireworks through the night on the Fourth of July and days before and after. Why are civilians allowed to purchase fireworks? It’s ridiculous!

RAVE To Urban Rest Stop and other facilities and volunteers who show compassion and graciousness by providing homeless people with laundry and hygiene services. Bless you.

RANT To the woman we saw allowing her dog to urinate and defecate on headstones at a Lake City cemetery. Shame on you. Show some respect.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the thief who grabbed my purse out of my shopping cart at QFC on a busy Saturday. Rave to the several customers and staff who took off after him, especially the young man who amazingly caught him and retrieved my purse! He wanted no acknowledgment or reward for his brave actions. There are so many good people out there.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the dog that went onto my neighbor’s roof when the owners weren’t home. Rave to my brave mom for going on the roof and pushing the dog back into the open second-story window of the house.

RAVE To the five generous runners in the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon who delayed their own races to help our daughter after she collapsed while running. We’ll be forever grateful to these kind gentlemen who helped her to the ground to avoid injury, then stayed with her until the EMTs arrived.

RANT It’s so frustrating to follow the rules as a single occupancy vehicle in the express lanes on my commute as I watch dozens of scofflaws use the carpool lane. What’s the point of having restrictions unless they’re enforced?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the grandmother who was upset and using foul language (the “F” word, really!) on the ferry, complaining she didn’t like the way the cars were parked. Rave to her grandson who mouthed “I’m sorry” to us as he walked behind her.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the young woman who nearly mowed me down in a Post Office parking lot because I wasn’t moving fast enough for her in the pedestrian crossing area. I have arthritis. Rant to me for swearing loudly at her car as she sped off, within earshot of others. Rave to the many patrons who showed concern for me following the upsetting incident.

RAVE To all the lifeguards who teach swimming to children and adults at public pools. Special thanks to the Rainier Beach Pool staff, providing great exercise at a low cost, making life better for many folks.