Readers rave about rescued dog, King County Water Taxi Shuttle, dad on Father’s Day; rant about checking penknife at Safeco, cellphone call during “Wonder Woman,” TV banners, road rage stalker, cyclists on sidewalk

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RAVE For my wonderful husband on Father’s Day and his birthday! You’re our rock and take care of us year around, so cheers to you, Papa Bear, on your special day.

RANT To Safeco Field for making me check my small penknife at the gate. It’s not a machete, it’s a penknife. Have you noticed that I can buy a baseball bat when I get inside?

RAVE To the King County Water Taxi Shuttle for the wonderful service around West Seattle. The drivers are incredible; on our trip, they checked in with every passenger, were great tour guides to the tourists, and were so pleasant and friendly. Thanks to the drivers and King County Metro for this great resource!

RANT To TV stations running banners, crawlers and logos on the bottom third of the screen so we watch a putt disappear into the banner or have a pop-up ad interrupt a program.

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RANT AND RAVE Rant to the moron sitting behind me who called his wife to loudly check with her during a “Wonder Woman” screening. Rave to the other patrons who quickly told the clueless jerk to take it outside, though he claimed “it was important.” Another rant to the patron texting. The movie was fabulous fun, BTW.

RANT Why hasn’t the Seattle City Council decided that for all they do for bike ridership in Seattle, they should require bicycles to be licensed for a fee?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the speeding bicyclist who almost run me down on the sidewalk as I walked out of an office building. He could have severely injured someone who couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. There were others riding there, too; we need rules for bikers on sidewalks! Rave to the woman walking her bicycle on that same busy sidewalk.

RANT To the driver who honked at me when I pulled out in front of him as he was getting off the freeway. I deserved it; I didn’t see him. However, he followed me through several turns into my neighborhood, and when I pulled into my driveway, he stopped his vehicle in front of my house. I stayed in my car and called 911, and he finally drove off. This is beyond road rage; it’s criminal stalking.

RAVE To the family who was strong enough to give up their seven-year-old Black Lab mutt, Jimmy, to Seattle Humane Society in 2007. We adopted him and for nearly 10 years he had two walks a day, road trips to six states and Canada, thousands of tosses of the ball, and unconditional love. He passed peacefully last week. Thank you for giving us the Best Dog Ever!