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Best Date/Worst Date

We asked readers to submit stories about the best and worst dates they’ve been on. Here’s what they said. (Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.)

BEST: “While the pandemic has certainly put a damper on many dating activities, I’m also grateful for the way it’s made me be more creative and thoughtful in coming up with meaningful ways to spend time with my girlfriend.

Since going out to dinner in a restaurant has been impossible (until recently), my girlfriend and I created our own romantic sidewalk dining experience. We rented a table and some chairs and set up a beautiful sidewalk setting complete with flowers, candles and music on one of the Pike Place Market stair climbs.

We got delicious takeout from Café Campagne (a Black-owned restaurant I might add). We danced and dined in relative privacy in a beautiful setting, enjoyed a full moon and got many surprised and supportive looks from passersby. It was one of the most fun, intimate, romantic, quirky and creative dates I’ve been on.


The pandemic sucks but it also affords us ways to be open to new more meaningful experiences with our friends and family. ”

— Rob

WORST: “I was working in the downtown Seattle headquarters of a large company and met a guy working in another department. Our work intersected from time to time so I got to know him a bit. I hoped he would want to get to know me better so I was really happy when he asked to take me to lunch. That lunch went great — easy and wide-ranging conversation.

A couple of weeks later he asked again and of course I said yes. More fun conversation and getting to know each other.

On the way back to our building, as we passed Bartell Drugs, he said he needed to stop in to pick something up. I said something like, “OK, I’ll see you back at work.” And he said, “No — it’ll only take a second — come with me.” So I went with him while he bought … a tube of jock-itch cream.

Nope — he wasn’t that into me!”

— Julie

WORST: “It was the third date. The others had been normal and nice. I knew he had a side gig, but not what it was. I had agreed to make the drive to his house in Puyallup. I had let him know I was running late and he had ample notice of my arrival. I got there and he hadn’t showered; he left me sitting on the couch while he got ready for 30 minutes. I started noticing Amway literature and stuff around the living room and decided I’d go through with that date, but it would be the last, because who has time to pull anyone out of a cult.

Before we left, he mentioned needing to be working while we were out.

We got in his car to drive to our Tacoma destination and he turned on an Amway podcast and started going on about why anyone would start a business when Amway exists. I mentioned that everyone might not be comfortable participating in a pyramid scheme. Cue the 30 minute lecture on why Amway is not a pyramid scheme. He went on to inform me that cars should always have the right of way (with) pedestrians and flirted with the waitress at dinner. We drove back to his place in silence and then he asked if I wanted to see a movie, and was confused when I said we wouldn’t be dating anymore.”

— Kim

BEST: “I once went on a blind date with a guy where we somehow ended up at Elliot Bay Book Company. We each picked out a personal favorite book for the other to read, and we weren’t allowed to talk (even text) or see each other until we’d each finished our books. We only went on a few more dates after that but it was such a fun way to get to know each other.”

— Ashley

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