Two Seattle restaurants, Local 360 Café & Bar and Arriba Cantina, announced Tuesday they are closing because of the steep drop in sales due to the novel coronavirus outbreak that is spreading throughout the state.

After 10 years, Local 360 Café & Bar owner Marcus Charles said he is shutting his Belltown bar immediately after most of his dinner reservations were canceled for March and April, and with no signs that the spread of the virus will subside soon, Charles isn’t optimistic about business turning around.

With the decline in tourism and locals not eating out, Charles said, “You put all those things together, and you can’t actually make it. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am at the corner of First and Bell now and there is no one in my line of sight. I don’t see anybody.”

In Ravenna, the Mexican restaurant Arriba Cantina also announced Tuesday that March 13 would be its last day of service. The owners released a statement, saying “unfortunately, in an already difficult climate in Seattle to operate a small business, the impacts of the decrease in business due to the coronavirus has forced us to close our doors for good. We are a small business and were unable to weather the storm from the coronavirus.”

Across the city, dozens of restaurants are laying off employees, cutting lunch service or closing earlier due to declining sales and cancellation for catering events and dinner reservations. This week, restaurateurs Kevin and Terresa Davis  announced they were temporarily closing all their Seattle restaurants (Blueacre Seafood, Zane + Wylie’s Seattle Steakhouse, The Steelhead Diner, Orfeo and Tempests Doughnuts) but did not say when they would reopen.

Updated: Cursed Oak in Belltown announced Tuesday evening it is closing its cocktail bar. Management could not be reached for comment.

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