An E. coli outbreak shutters The Matador in Ballard, Shilla's for sale (at a steep price), 4 restaurant closures on Capitol Hill and more.

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The King County health department shut down The Matador in Ballard after six cases of E. coli (with three hospitalizations) were reported after people ate there. Four more cases, apparently unrelated to the restaurant, could be a separate outbreak or may be due use of the same contaminated product. Yikes. (The Ballard outlet’s reopening will be posted here; the other branches of the multi-state chain remain open.)

Longtime Korean restaurant Shilla on Denny has been “closed for annual maintenance until further notice” for more than a month, according to a sign on the door. Now the property is listed for sale — for around $10 million — online. (Bizarrely, Shilla owner Scott Koh allegedly orchestrated and partook in the kidnapping and beating of his estranged wife’s new partner last summer. The case is still in court.)

Eric and Zarina Sakai’s ambitious Restaurant Marron in Broadway’s lovely Loveless Building has, well, left the building. The website says, “We’ve moved,” but there’s no indication where. Stay tuned, I hope: The place showed tremendous promise, and it’d be great if Seattle was home to the new iteration of Marron (or whatever the Sakais do next).

Some people thought Meat & Bread failed to live up to the pre-opening hype. Now Seattle’s original outlet of the upscale Canadian sandwich chain has closed on Capitol Hill after a little over a year in business. The South Lake Union Meat & Bread remains open.

Boom Noodle opened almost a decade ago on the corner of 12th and Pike. Then it was reconcepted as Kaisho (and another Kaisho opened, then closed, in Bellevue, too). Then it went back to being Boom. Now it is gone. The owners (the same company as Blue C Sushi) attribute the closure to the lease ending, and you can’t say they didn’t try.

Samurai Noodle ramen shop on Broadway has closed down, with brand-new Dueminuti taking over the spot next month to make “pasta 2.0.” The Samurais in Chinatown and the U-District (and, apparently, Houston) remain open.

The capacious dim sum place Jumbo Seafood Restaurant & Lounge on Rainier near Genesee appears to have been closed for some time; they’ve not returned a call inquiring what’s up.

And, as anticipatedThe Spanish Table specialty store in Pike Place Market closed at the end of August, after serving Seattle’s Spanish-comestible needs for the past 20 years. But! All its supplies for paella and other arguable essentials may now be found at sister shop Paris Grocery. Owner Sharon Baden reassures, “Going forward, it will more of a ‘Paris & Madrid’ Grocery, with about half Spanish Table products.” And you can also still order from The Spanish Table website.