One of downtown’s better sushi deals.

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Urban Sushi Kitchen, tucked between Starbucks and Weldon Barber in a boxy downtown office building, is a handy hideaway to know about when on the hunt for cheap sushi.

While not as storied as Shiro’s, or as flashy as Wasabi Bistro, Urban Sushi Kitchen one-ups on price — especially in a neighborhood where grocery stores get away with selling rolls for double digits (ahem, Whole Foods).

Although no longer a newcomer — opening in early 2014 — the restaurant’s midday hours cater to the lunch-hungry cubicle-dwellers and South Lake Union techies.

Urban Sushi Kitchen


600 Stewart St., Suite 102, Seattle;


Hours: 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday

Etc: major credit cards; no obstacles to access; street parking; no alcohol

Prices: $-$$

The menu: Order at the tiny counter, where you’ll find a surprisingly large, full-fare Japanese menu. For those on a health kick, look to the salads with sashimi ($9.95) or pepper-seared tuna ($10.95); for those not, the udon ($5.25-$6.95) and ramen ($5.25-$7.25) come in substantial portions.

The rest of the menu is dominated by nearly 50 rolls, ranging from the common Seattle roll (salmon, avocado, cucumber, $5.25) and Philadelphia roll (Seattle roll plus cream cheese, $5.75) to the lesser-known San Diego roll (tuna, avocado, cucumber, $5.50), plus a handful more with vaguely hippyish names (Sunset, Sunrise, Shooting Star, Energy).

Don’t overlook the rice bowls, including the beef bulgogi don ($7.95) and the chirashi don ($15.95), which comes with 12 plump pieces of sashimi laid over lightly vinegared rice.

What to write home about: Eel lovers should rejoice: the unagi at Urban Sushi Kitchen is delightful. Go whole hog with the unagi don ($13.95) or bite-size in rolls.

When to skip: The wait time during lunch can be 30 minutes or longer, so be prepared to post up or call ahead.

The setting: A pocket-size restaurant with seating for only the first lucky dozen.

Summing up: An order of three rolls (Seattle, $5.25; Las Vegas, $6.75; and Tiger, $9.95), a chirashi bowl ($15.95) and a side order of seaweed salad ($1.95) came to $39.85 before tax and tip, and fed three.