April 1 Editor’s note: This page is no longer being updated. For a fuller collection of restaurants offering takeout and delivery — sortable by neighborhood — please visit our live, updated list here.

Here are some of the Seattle restaurants offering takeout and/or delivery options due to the recent ban on dining in because of the coronavirus crisis. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change. If you’d like to submit a restaurant you don’t see here, use the form at the bottom of this page. Due to a high volume of submissions, we may not get to your entry right away, but we are including as many as we can.

Check websites/Facebook pages or call for more information on menu items, prices and more. Note that some establishments deliver only within a certain radius and some have modified their hours. Restaurants are listed alphabetically by neighborhood.


Arashi Ramen 5401 20th Ave. N.W., Seattle; 206-492-7933 (takeout and delivery)

Delancey 1415 N.W. 70th St., Seattle; 206-838-1960 (takeout)

Mainstay Provisions 612 N.W. 65th St., Seattle; 206-659-0170 (takeout and delivery)

The Matador 2221 N.W. Market St., Seattle; 206-932-9988 (takeout and delivery)


Miro Tea 5405 Ballard Ave N.W., Seattle; 206-782-6832 (takeout)

Other Coast Cafe 5315 Ballard Ave. N.W., Seattle; 206-789-0936 (takeout and delivery)

Porkchop & Co. 5451 Leary Ave. N.W., Seattle; 206-257-5761 (takeout and delivery)

Watson’s Counter 6201 15th Ave. N.W., Seattle; text only 206-486-0954 (takeout)

Bainbridge Island

Bruciato 236 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island; 206-201-3462 (takeout and delivery)

Beacon Hill

Bar Del Corso 3057 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle; 206-395-2069 (takeout)

Buddha Bruddah 2201 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle; 206-556-4134 (takeout and delivery)


Bang Bang Cafe 2460 Western Ave., Seattle; 206-448-2233 (takeout and delivery)


Boat Street Kitchen and Bistro 3131 Western Ave., Seattle; 206-632-4602 (takeout)

FOB Poke Bar 220 Blanchard St., Seattle; 206-728-9888 (takeout and delivery)

Petra Mediterranean Bistro 2501 Fourth Ave., Seattle; 206-728-5389 (takeout and delivery)

Some Random Bar 2604 First Ave., Seattle; 206-728-6621 (takeout)

Capitol Hill

BOCA Restobar & Grill 416 Broadway E., Seattle; 206-332-1063 (takeout and delivery)

Cure Cocktail 1641 Nagle Place, Seattle; 206-568-5475 (takeout and delivery)

Dino’s Tomato Pie 1524 E. Olive Way, Seattle; 206-403-1742 (takeout and delivery)

Due Cucina Italiana 412 Broadway E., Seattle; 206-397-4375 (takeout and delivery)


Fogón Cocina Mexicana 600 E. Pine St., Seattle; 206-320-7777

Harry’s Fine Foods 601 Bellevue Ave. E., Seattle; 206-513-6279 (takeout and delivery)

Hopvine Pub 507 15th Ave. E., Seattle; 206-328-3120 (takeout)

Ian’s 1620 Broadway, Seattle; 206-659-4721 (takeout and delivery)

Kedai Makan 1802 Bellevue Ave., Seattle; no phone (takeout)

Knee High Stocking Co. 1356 E. Olive Way, Seattle; 206-979-7049 (takeout)

Lark Restaurant 952 E. Seneca St., Seattle; 206-323-5275 (takeout)

Meet Korean BBQ  500 E. Pike St., Seattle; 206-695-2621 (takeout and delivery)

Nue 1519 14th Ave., Seattle; 206-257-0312 (takeout and delivery)

R&M Dessert Bar 601 E. Pike St., Seattle; 206-351-9993 (takeout and delivery)

Rachel’s Ginger Beer 1610 12th Ave., Seattle (takeout)

Ristorante Machiavelli 1215 Pine St., Seattle; 206-621-7941 (takeout)

Rondo Japanese Kitchen 224 Broadway E., Seattle; 206-588-2051 (takeout)

Slab Sandwich + Pie 1201 10th Ave., Seattle; 206-790-0967 (takeout)

Terra Plata 1501 Melrose Ave., Seattle; 206-325-1501 (takeout and delivery)

U:DON 1640 12th Ave., Seattle; 206-466-1471 (takeout and delivery)

Central District

Reckless Noodle House 2519 Jackson St., Seattle; 206-329-5499 (takeout)

Cherry Hill

Marjorie 1412 E. Union St.; 206-441-9842 (takeout)

Southpaw 926 12th Ave., Seattle; 206-323-5278 (takeout and delivery)

Chinatown-International District

A+ Hong Kong Kitchen 419 Sixth Ave. S., Seattle; 206-682-1267 (takeout)

Jade Garden 424 Seventh Ave. S., Seattle; 206-622-8181 (takeout and delivery)


Kau Kau 656 S. King St., Seattle; 206-682-4006 (takeout)

Samurai Noodle 606 Fifth Ave. S., Seattle; 206-624-9321 (takeout and delivery)

Seattle Best Tea  506 S. King St., Seattle; 206-749-9855 (takeout and delivery)

Tai Tung 655 S. King St., Seattle; 206-622-7372 or 206-622-7714 (takeout)

Tsukushinbo 515 S. Main St., Seattle; 206-467-4004 (takeout and delivery)

Columbia City

Geraldine’s Counter 4872 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle; 206-723-2080 (takeout)


Ben Paris 130 Pike St., Seattle; 206-513-7303 (takeout)

Genghis Khan Chinese Restaurant 1422 First Ave., Seattle; 206-682-3606 (takeout and delivery)

Japonessa Sushi Cocina 1400 First Ave., Seattle; 206-971-7979 (takeout and delivery)


Little Water Cantina 2865 Eastlake Ave. E., Seattle; 206-397-4940 (takeout and delivery)



Bellden Cafe 10527 Main St., Bellevue; 425-698-1597 (takeout)

Bellevue Brewing Co. 1820 130th Ave. N.E., Bellevue (takeout)

Bis On Main 10213 Main St., Bellevue; 425-455-2033 (takeout)

Cafe Juanita 9702 N.E. 120th Pl., Kirkland; 425-823-1505 (takeout)

Carillon Kitchen 2240 Carillon Point, Kirkland, at The Woodmark Hotel; 425-739-6363 (takeout)

Castilla 504 Bellevue Square, Bellevue; 425-625-2931 (takeout)

Deru 723 Ninth Ave., Kirkland; 425-298-0268 (takeout)

Din Tai Fung 700 Bellevue Way N.E. #280, Bellevue, 425-698-1095 (takeout and delivery)

Japonessa Sushi Cocina 500 Bellevue Way N.E., Ste. 130, Bellevue; 425-454-1585 (takeout and delivery)

Kanishka Cuisine of India 16651 Redmond Way, Ste. 180, Redmond; 425-869-9182 (takeout and delivery)

L’Experience Paris 258 106th Ave. N.E., Bellevue; 425-429-6961 (takeout and delivery)

Maggiano’s Little Italy 10455 N.E. Eighth St., Bellevue; 425-519-6476 (takeout and delivery)


Salish Lodge & Spa  6501 Railroad Ave., Snoqualmie; 425-888-2556 (takeout)

Spark Pizza Redmond 8110 164th Ave N.E., Redmond; 425-898-4021 (takeout and delivery)

Terry’s Kitchen 5625 119th Ave. S.E., Bellevue; 425-590-9545 (takeout)

Tinte Cellars 14455 Woodinville-Redmond Road, Woodinville; 425-659-9463 (takeout and delivery)

The Waffler 615 156th Ave. S.E., Bellevue; 425-449-8010 (takeout)

Woodblock 6175 Cleveland Street, Ste. 109, Redmond; 425-285-9458 (takeout)

First Hill

Bateau 1040 E. Union St., Seattle; 206-900-8699 (takeout)

Vito’s 927 Ninth Ave., Seattle; 206-397-4053 (takeout and delivery)


PIM Bicycles & Coffeehouse 4013 Leary Way N.W., Seattle (takeout)

Uneeda Burger 4302 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle; 206-547-2600 (takeout)


Sodo Chicken 6538 Fourth Ave. S., Seattle; 206-898-5862 (takeout and delivery)


Mondello 2425 33rd Ave. W., #3, Seattle; 206-352-8700 (takeout and delivery)

Pink Salt 3321 W. McGraw St., Seattle; 206-284-7305 (takeout and delivery)

Madison Valley

Belle Epicurean Bakery 3109 E. Madison St., Seattle; 206-466-1320 (takeout)

Kin Dee 2301 E. Madison St., Seattle; 206-453-5514 (takeout and delivery)

Maple Leaf

The Shambles 7777 15th Ave. N.E., Seattle; 206-659-0074 (takeout)

Mercer Island

L’Experience Paris 3020 78th Ave. S.E., Mercer Island; 206-232-1623 (takeout and delivery)

Mt. Baker

Heyday Bar & Restaurant 1372 31st Ave. S., Seattle; 206-829-9816 (takeout)


That’s Amore Italian Cafe 1425 31st Ave. S., Seattle; 206-322-3677 (takeout)

North Seattle

Zylberschtein’s 11752 15th Ave. N.E., Seattle; 206-403-1202 (takeout and delivery)


Bang Bang Kitchen 4219 S. Othello St., Seattle; 206-420-3146 (takeout and delivery)


206 Burger Co. multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

314 Pie food truck; 425-429-2314 (delivery)

Bai Tong multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Ballard/Capitol/Seattle/Coffee Works multiple locations (takeout)

Cherry Street Coffee House multiple locations (takeout)

Ezell’s multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Fresh Flours multiple locations (takeout)

Garlic Crush multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Ivar’s multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Jack’s BBQ multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Joey multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Li’l Woody’s multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Marination multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Mighty-O Donuts multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Patty’s Egg Nest multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Salt & Straw multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Storyville Coffee Co. multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Trapper’s Sushi multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Vince’s, Pizzeria Pulcinella and via Marina multiple locations (takeout and delivery)

Phinney Ridge

Barking Dog Ale House 705 N.W. 70th St., Seattle; 206-782-2974

Beth’s Cafe  7311 Aurora Ave. N., Seattle; 206-782-5588 (takeout)

Opus Co. 7410 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle; 206-420-8360 (takeout)

Pike Place

Old Stove Brewing Co., 1901 Western Ave., Suite A, Seattle (Pike Place Market); 206-602-6120 (takeout)


Pioneer Square

Salumi 404 Occidental Ave. S., Seattle; 206-621-8772 (online orders for meats only)

Queen Anne

Canlis 2576 Aurora Ave. N., Seattle; 206-283-3313 (takeout)

Eden Hill Provisions 1935 Queen Anne Ave. N., Seattle; 206-946-6636 (takeout and delivery)

Konvene Coffee/Cafe 500 Mercer St., Seattle; 206-866-9134 (takeout)

Other Coast Cafe 12 Mercer St., Seattle; 206-829-8539 (takeout and delivery)

Rainier Valley

Cafe Red 7148 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S., Seattle (takeout and delivery)

Jude’s 9252 57th Ave. S., Seattle; 206-379-6629 (takeout)


Calluna 5628 University Way, Seattle; 206-420-1938 (takeout and delivery)


Copperleaf Restaurant — Cedarbrook Lodge 18525 36th Ave. S., Seattle; 206-901-9268 (takeout)

South Lake Union

Local Public Eatery 404 Terry Ave N., Seattle; 206-257-1888 (takeout and delivery)


Portage Bay Cafe 391 Terry Ave. N., Seattle; 206-462-6400 (takeout and delivery)

Wild Ginger 2202B Eighth Ave., Seattle; 206-707-0396 (takeout and delivery)

South Park

Gourmondo 309 S. Cloverdale St., Suite B-3, Seattle; 206-587-0190 (delivery)


Rocket Taco 602 19th Ave. E., Seattle; 206-457-5355 (takeout)

U District

Din Tai Fung 2621 N.E. 46th St., Seattle; 206-525-0958 (takeout and delivery)

Piatti 2695 N.E. Village Lane, Seattle; 206-524-9088 (takeout and delivery)

Rachel’s Ginger Beer 4626 26th Ave. N.E., Seattle; 206-257-5761 (takeout)

Samurai Noodle 4138 University Way N.E., Seattle; 206-547-1774 (takeout and delivery)


Voula’s Offshore Cafe 658 N.W. Northlake Way, Seattle; 206-634-0183 (takeout and delivery)


Art of the Table 3801 Stone Way N., Ste. A, Seattle; 206-282-0942 (takeout)

Bizzarro Italian Cafe 1307 N. 46th St., Seattle; 206-632-7277 (takeout and delivery)

Kabul Afghan Cuisine 2301 N. 45th St., Seattle; 206-545-9000 (takeout and delivery)

Kamonegi 1054 N 39th St, Seattle; 206-632-0185 (takeout)

Tilth 1411 N. 45th St., Seattle; 206-633-0801 (takeout and delivery)

Yoroshiku 1911 N. 45th St., Seattle; 206-547-4649 (takeout and delivery)


Wedgwood Broiler 8230 35th Ave. N.E., Seattle; 206-523-1115 (takeout)


Pasta Freska 1515 Westlake Ave. N., Seattle; 206-283-1515 (takeout)

West Seattle

Box Bar 5401 California Ave. S.W., Seattle; 206-432-9554 (takeout and delivery)

The Matador 4546 California Ave. S.W., Seattle; 206-932-9988 (takeout and delivery)



Stoup Brewing 1108 N.W. 52nd St., Seattle; 206-457-5524 (takeout)

More cities

Arashi Ramen 17045 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila; 253-220-8722 (takeout and delivery)

Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant 22204 Marine View Drive S., Des Moines; 206-824-1155 (takeout)

Auntie Irene’s 22504 Marine View Drive S., Des Moines; 206-824-0249 (takeout)

Max’s Restaurant 16830 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila; 206-698-6297 (takeout and delivery)

Miyabi Sushi 16800 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila; 206-575-6815 (takeout)

Peyrassol 1083 Lake Washington Blvd. N. #30, Renton; 425-282-5472 (takeout)

Quarterdeck 22307 Dock Ave. S. #1, Des Moines; 206-212-4660 (takeout)

Seattle Chocolate 1180 Andover Park W., Tukwila; 877-427-7915 (takeout)

Waterleaf Restaurant (Hotel Interurban) 223 Andover Park E., Tukwila; 206-278-7800 (takeout and delivery)


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