If you ask me, coffee shop culture was perfected in Seattle. I love that a coffee shop is a place where you can meet and catch up with friends, a remote work environment or somewhere to read a good book. Lately, when I need to get out of the house and have a change of scenery, I will migrate to one of my favorite coffee shops.

This winter, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of coffee shops that had expanded food menus, outdoor seating and at times offered something a little stronger than coffee. Coffee shops in Seattle have become an extension of my living room, and I’m not mad about it. I am a huge fan of celebrating a sunny day in the wintertime, and I love how so many more Seattle establishments are embracing outdoor dining regardless of the season. 

During these last couple of years, I’ve really gravitated toward supporting small and local businesses, and my top picks have been places that have indoor-outdoor options. Come rain, snow or sunshine!

Mr. West Cafe Bar

Location: Downtown and University Village

I fell in love with Mr. West Cafe years ago, and it is still one of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle. The food menu is amazing, the coffee options are endless and their happy hour is wonderful. I also love the combination of indoor seating and the outdoor patio at both locations.

The Flora Bakehouse

Location: Beacon Hill

Flora Bakehouse opened about one year ago, and to be honest, I go there almost every day. My favorite part about Flora, aside from the daily fresh-made pastries, is the rooftop deck. Come rain or come shine, you can enjoy an almond croissant and a lavender honey latte while gazing at Mount Rainier.

General Porpoise

Location: Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square and Laurelhurst

General Porpoise is the perfect marriage of doughnuts and coffee options. I’m a sucker for their vanilla custard doughnut and their brown sugar or matcha latte. Their Capitol Hill location is the perfect spot to “work from home.” I also love when the garage door is open at the Capitol Hill location, another indoor-outdoor dream.

Red Arrow Coffee

Location: Ballard

Red Arrow Coffee is out of a dream. The fire pit, the indoor-outdoor seating, the delicious breakfast sandwiches and the amazing coffee: There is nothing better. Tucked away behind greenery that looks like a secret garden, Red Arrow is my number one choice for coffee shops with outdoor seating. Catch me outside!

Mainstay Provisions

Location: Ballard/Phinney Ridge

A coffee shop meets wine bar meets little market, Mainstay Provisions is a cozy little spot with the best vibe. My favorite order here is the soft serve affogato and any one of their rotating focaccias. The garage door, which opens to the street, gives the best balance of indoor-outdoor dining.