At Tiko Riko, a Salvadoran eatery on Greenwood Avenue North, everything is delicious, especially the pupusas — fried corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and other goodies.

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We knew we had landed someplace special when the server at Tiko Riko — a happy little Salvadoran eatery on Greenwood Avenue North — delivered the first item in our order: a large, steaming bowl of caldo de pollo, rustic chicken soup with thick hunks of chicken, chayote squash, potatoes and corn-on-the-cob.

We doused the soup with Tiko Riko’s magnificent hot sauce, topped it with onions and cilantro, and dug in.

With the arrival of grilled fish tacos, filled with plump tilapia fillets, and a panoply of pupusas (fried corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and other goodies), we quickly realized that either we were going home with leftovers or with food babies large enough to make a pregnant Octomom look svelte.

Turns out, we did both. The food was so fresh and surprisingly good that we ate past the point of reason, and took the rest home. Happy to report that, even reheated, the pupusas hold their magic.

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The menu: Seven different kinds of pupusas ($2.45 each), including various combinations of cheese, beans, pork, spinach, zucchini and a delicate edible flower called loroco. Other favorites: enchiladas with rice and beans ($7.99), burritos ($7.25) and huaraches ($7.99), a fried cornmeal pancake with a variety of toppings. Chicken, beef and pork tacos are $1.75, and kids’ quesadillas are $3.95. Revolving daily specials, on the day we were there, featured the fabulous chicken soup ($8.99), a fish burrito ($8.99), chiles rellenos ($7.99) and chorizo tacos ($1.99).

What to write home about: Everything was delicious, but I have a soft spot for the pupusas, cheesy goodness served with a side of spicy fermented cabbage, sour cream and Tiko Riko’s signature sauce made from tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and garlic.

The setting: A clean, brightly colored mini-mall storefront with seating for about 20. Friendly service makes the space even brighter.

Summing up: A bowl of caldo de pollo ($8.99), two fish tacos ($6.99) and seven saucer-sized pupusas ($2.45 each) came to $43.70, including tip.

Susan Kelleher: 206-464-2508 or On Twitter @susankelleher.