Thrive Cafe in the Roosevelt district proves that vegan cuisine can be delectable, and not just for true believers.

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The growing ranks of vegans in Seattle were quick to patronize a new eatery in the Roosevelt district tailored just for them: Thrive Cafe. And what about those of us who don’t relish a diet entirely devoid of meat and dairy products and heavy on raw food? Is Thrive just for hard-core nutrionistas?

A visit to this friendly store, cafe and juice bar (they also offer cooking classes) proved otherwise. For a virtuously healthful snack, light lunch or dinner, with or without a vegan pal in tow, there’s fare here to tantalize your taste buds.

The menu: Choices include several hearty entrees (most $8 small portion/$12 large), like a robust chili; a “pasta” and tomato-sauce dish with ribbons of raw zucchini rather than noodles; and a Bella Burger made of walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms ($10).

Among the few heat-cooked items are warm grain-and-veggie bowls with either quinoa or exotic Bhutanese red rice ($12). An assortment of dips is available in appetizer plates of several sizes ($7-$12). Beverages include fruit smoothies, juice blends up to giant 24-ounce portions ($4-$12), and brain-revving shots of blue-green algae ($3). And a changing variety of uncooked pies, nondairy ice creams and other desserts is served.

What to write home about: The dipping sauces are excellent, well-sampled on a hearty and generous “nachos” plate with delicious flaxseed cracker crisps. The almond-ricotta, guacamole and sweet, creamy onion- cashew dips tasted especially flavorful. Some dips also show up in the leafy organic salads ($6-$9), and in the warm grain bowls.

The Thrivalicious bowl packed with red rice, veggies and dollops of salsa, guacamole and the cashew concoction was filling and savory.

The setting: Thrive occupies a pleasant, cozy storefront space, which squeezes in a small bookstore, juice bar, kitchen and several large and small tables.

Summing up: Thrive proves that vegan cuisine can be delectable, and not just for true believers. We had a nacho plate ($8), a green salad ($6), a rice bowl ($4) and a large ($7) and small ($4) smoothie. With tax and tip, the cost was $39.60.

Misha Berson: