Bon Appétit magazine has named Phởcific Standard Time to its list of the 50 best restaurants in the U.S. for 2022.

PST, as it’s called, is an under-the-radar downtown spot that even many office workers and regulars to the Seattle dining scene don’t know about. This accolade for best restaurant is even more surprising because PST isn’t really a restaurant but is actually a small bar. It’s run by the family behind the Pho Bac soup franchise, currently led by sisters Yenvy and Quynh-Vy Pham.

The bar with a speakeasy-esque concept is located on the second floor of a pho house, and it focuses on cocktails with Southeast Asian flavors along with Vietnamese snacks.

The food magazine suggests ordering the “cà phê trứng, a take on egg yolk coffee spiked with aquavit” and the “Khoa Was Here, a pho-fat-washed shot of Jameson, accompanied by a small bowl of pho to chase it down.”

Bar noshes praised by the magazine were the banh mi and the crab dip.