Here's what you couldn't stop reading — and eating — this year.

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A metric ton of restaurants opened in Seattle this year, while some favorites closed. You cared, a lot, and you also cared about pho, pizza, and fish and chips (but really, who doesn’t?). Here are our most-read food articles of the year. Cheers to a new one!

1. 2 Seattle restaurants make Bon Appetit’s new Top 50 list

One of them was predictable (but well-deserved!), while the other was a super-sweet surprise.

2. 10 brand-new Seattle restaurants (and two sad goodbyes)

This April roundup of 10 new places, plus seven new versions of places that already existed, plus two new places to get lunch, plus two sad endings was a huge favorite.

3. Seattle’s Super Bowl: Not football, but pho

Leading up to the Super Bowl, three brave souls joined food writer Bethany Jean Clement to try to vanquish massive bowls of pho: four liters of broth, four pounds of noodles, four pounds of meat. The video’s pretty great.

4. Why 7 Seattle restaurants shut down (and which ones might reopen)

An E. coli outbreak shuttered The Matador in Ballard, Shilla’s went up for sale (at a steep price), 4 Capitol Hill places closed, and more.

5. The sorrow of Steak ’n Shake

A beloved Midwestern burger chain landed in downtown Seattle with a resounding thud, according to a controversial review by food writer Bethany Jean Clement.

6. Washington is home to one of Eater’s ‘Best Restaurants in America’

Just one more bit of recognition for one of our very best local restaurants.

7. Five best Seattle pho spots — and how to eat it correctly

Food writer Tan Vinh shared his very favorite pho spots in and around Seattle, and offered some instruction while he was at it.

8. Seattle’s very best fish and chips — and a shout-out to Burien

Fish and chips! What’s not to love?

9. 6 Seattle spots for truly great pizza

Seattle may not be known for its pizza, but the pie situation here has evolved enormously. This story reveals a half-dozen newish places that made us super happy.

10. Restaurant no-nos: 8 rude things you should stop doing now

Bailing on reservations, neglecting humans in favor of devices — these are timeless tips on what not to do when dining out.