If you all thought I was finished talking about Seattle’s exciting pop-up scene, I’m not at all sorry to say that I am not. I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating; pop-ups are so wonderful because of the sense of community and excitement. These are chefs perfecting their side hustle, chefs experimenting with flavors and techniques with no strings, during a pandemic no less. And like last week, we’ve got pizza! There is bread! And there is a beautiful take on classic Indian dishes!

Cottage at Blue Ridge

Head to Lynnwood on Saturday mornings for fresh loaves of bread from Conor O’Neill at the Cottage at Blue Ridge.  (Jackie Varriano / The Seattle Times)

The line looks a bit intense on Saturday mornings for Conor O’Neill’s bread stand Cottage at Blue Ridge — but that’s just the respectable 6 feet of spacing between each carb lover, as everyone patiently waits their turn to peruse the available loaves. The tented tables are set up in Perrinville — a crossroads of Edmonds and Lynnwood — and the naturally leavened breads, rolls and cookies usually sell out around noon.

O’Neill’s dad, Kevin, might be seen next to a large orange construction cone, acting as gatekeeper and keeping everything spaced and calm. He asked me if I’d been there before, proudly pointed out his son, told me how he had just moved into a new commercial space and expressed how excited they all were about the bread. I got a toasted walnut loaf ($8), a country sourdough ($8) and a Bavarian pretzel roll ($4). The toasted walnut was still warm from the oven, the crumb lacy and loose. The sourdough kept fresh and wonderfully sour for the three days it took us to polish off. The pretzel roll was devoured within minutes.

Find the Cottage at Blue Ridge at the intersection of 76th and Olympic View Drive in Lynnwood Saturdays beginning at 10 a.m. Check cottageblueridge.com for more details.


Chef and owner Preeti Agarwal has been popping up as Meesha weekly at her Fremont restaurant, Pomerol. Get there for crispy prawns, fragrant black cardamom rice and spicy ghee roast tawa chicken. (Jackie Varriano / The Seattle Times)

Preeti Agarwal, chef and owner of Fremont’s Pomerol, was running a pop-up as Meesha with fellow chef Priya Mahajan even before she bought the French/Vietnamese spot in 2017. The duo first hosted dinners at Eric Rivera’s Addo. After Pomerol came into the picture, Agarwal would host a monthly Meesha pop-up, featuring traditional Indian dishes with a unique twist. Now a Meesha-inspired menu is available every Thursday-Saturday evening. You can preorder online or call for pickup day of. The week I ordered, there was smoky, spicy ghee roast tawa chicken ($15); fragrant black cardamom rice ($5); crispy, sour prawn koliwada ($12) dredged in chickpea flour and fried; panchmel dal, a lentil stew with fenugreek leaves, topped with crunchy pickled cauliflower ($16); and a snapper fish curry, rich and punchy with tamarind and coconut ($19). Every bite was a welcome surprise of spice and flavor.

Name your pickup date and time through the online ordering system at pomerolrestaurant.com or call 206-632-0135 Thursday-Saturday to place an order at the Fremont restaurant, 127 N. 36th St., Seattle.

More Pop Ups!


Moon Pizza

Moon pizza began popping up at Sea Wolf Bakers and is a vibrant member of Seattle’s burgeoning pizza scene. (Jackie Varriano / The Seattle Times)

You can now add pizza to the list of covetable items at Fremont’s Sea Wolf Bakers. In addition to loaves of bread and rolls, each Monday night, lucky pizza lovers can pick up pies under the name Moon Pizza, courtesy of chef Marie Rutherford and Sea Wolf co-owners Jesse and Kit Schumann. There are just two flavors featured each month. July was the buck moon and with it came a pie topped with pineapple, red onion, mozzarella and whisper-thin slices of jalapeño ($18) on a red sauce and springy sourdough rye base. August is the green corn moon; choose from a “margarita” with garlicky tomato sauce and a side of avocado sauce ($20) and a white pie with lemon aioli, ricotta, feta, oregano, mint, sesame, coriander and corn ($20).

Orders go live each Thursday and there’s a two-pie limit. Pick up Mondays in prescheduled half-hour increments from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at Fremont’s Sea Wolf Bakery, 3621 Stone Way N., Seattle. Check seawolfbakers.com for preordering instructions each Thursday.