After 2,000 nomination submissions, a 32-brewery bracket, five rounds of voting and more than 123,000 votes, we have a winner in our Brewery Battle.

Seattle’s favorite brewery is — drumroll please — Georgetown Brewing!

Manny’s Pale Ale is Georgetown Brewing’s signature brew. (courtesy of Georgetown Brewing)

Georgetown Brewing opened in 2002, the brainchild of two friends, Manny Chao and Roger Bialous, and has grown to be the largest independent brewery in Washington.

While Georgetown Brewing does not yet have a tasting room (this is a work in progress — stay tuned) you can tour the brewery in … you guessed it … Georgetown.


It’s best known for two of Seattle’s most beloved beers: Manny’s Pale Ale and Bodhizafa IPA. Perhaps you, dear readers, voted to crown Georgetown Brewing as Seattle’s Favorite Brewery because its signature brew, Manny’s, is the reliable, good ol’ standby you can get just about everywhere in town? It’s widespread, yet local, it goes down easy, yet would never be classified as boring.

So, take a bow, Georgetown Brewing. We’ll present you with a certificate and prize Friday, Oct. 18, at the Pacific Science Center’s Brewology beer-tasting event. 

Reuben’s Brews, the runner-up, finished a few hundred votes behind Georgetown Brewing.

Here are a few other highlights from the voting:

  • Closest race: Populuxe Brewing beat out Machine House Brewery by just six votes in Round 2.
  • Biggest upset: Widely beloved Fremont Brewing was knocked out relatively early in Round 3, although, it has the ignominious honor of losing to the ultimate winner Georgetown Brewery.
  • Rookies of the year: Shoutout to Métier Brewing, Future Primitive Brewing and Burke-Gilman Brewing who all opened just last year, but still cracked the top 32. You have clearly made a big impact in your relatively short existence in the local beer scene.
  • Honorable mention: We had a few readers reach out to us and ask why Aslan Brewing Company wasn’t in the mix. While Aslan is noted as one of Washington’s best breweries, Bellingham is a bit too far out of our jurisdiction. But have no fear, Seattleites! A new Fremont location is opening hopefully by the end of the year.

We want to thank all the breweries that participated, readers who submitted nominations and everyone who voted in the bracket.

(Jennifer Luxton & Amy Wong / The Seattle Times)