Add mint, basil, tea — or booze — to lemonade for a perfect summer drink.

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A week like this puts us in the mood for lemonade. But not just any old lemonade. Here are three ways to brew up a special batch. (If you’re feeling really ambitious, start with a fresh-squeezed base: one-and-a-half cups of fresh-squeezed lemon juice — about 12 lemons — to a cup of sugar, plus eight cups of water. Adjust to taste.)

Lemon-Mint Cooler

Add torn mint leaves to lemonade, and a splash of club soda. Pop in a mint spear for garnish. (Boozy kicker: Vodka.)

Arnold Palmer

Mix one part lemonade to one part unsweetened ice tea. Sweeten to taste. (Boozy kicker: Bourbon, for a drink called a Tipsy Palmer.)

Basil lemonade

Make a basil simple syrup by boiling one bunch of basil, two cups of sugar and one cup of water for five minutes, then cooling and straining. (Store in fridge.) Mix a cup of lemonade with two to three teaspoons of syrup. (Boozy kicker: Vodka.)

Seattle Times staff