Check out Perihelion Brewery and Tippe and Drague Alehouse in the 98144 area.

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Happy hour this week is a twofer: Perihelion Brewery and Tippe and Drague Alehouse in the 98144 area. Have you been? You should. And in case you want to try too many beers (you might), the light-rail station is a short stagger away.

It’s a different Beacon Hill these days, one with lots of craft beers and lots of millennials and techies barhopping here. But that neighborly vibe remains — lots of young married couples, rec leagues hoisting beers and musicians chilling after band practice.

Perihelion Brewery is the hot new pub on Beacon Hill. It opened in February at the elbow of South McClellan Street and Beacon Avenue South, a relief for co-owner and brewer Les McAuliffe, who recalled many sweaty nights during the build-out. No one else had a brewery on Beacon Hill. Maybe everyone knew something he didn’t, he thought.

As McAuliffe tells it, minutes after an inspector from the King County Public Health signed off on his brewery, a passer-by popped his head in — “You guys open?”

McAuliffe turned to his wife, Karin Paulsen, and said, “I guess we are.” His brewery has become the darling of the ’hood ever since.

On a recent Saturday evening, there were couples who called in baby-sitters and made this their date-night locale and a posse who all looked and dressed like Turtle from “Entourage.” It was more mellow on Sunday afternoon, with couples bringing their kids and their golden retrievers to chill by the gas fireplace on the patio.

The food is mostly burgers and barbecue sandwiches, overstuffed with brisket and loaded with pork belly. They cost $3-$5 cheaper than at pubs in trendier neighborhoods and taste just as good here.

The beer is hit or miss. The best was the crisp Belgian Blonde with hints of banana and tropical fruit. There’s a boozier version called Polaris.

A half-mile south sits Tippe and Drague Alehouse, a bar restaurant that’s kid-friendly, though it does a good imitation of a dive come sunset. Locals drink Olympia tallboys and craft beers while snacking on bowls of free popcorn.

The 16 taps feature all the trendy and acclaimed beers you’ll find on Capitol Hill — from Machine House Brewery to Standard Brewing. Sandwiches — from a Reuben to a bacon turkey club — are what’s served, though on a recent night the mound of nachos that could feed a team was popular.

As it should be at any great neighborhood bar, the bartender greeted the regulars by their first names. One woman who requested a to-go box for her unfinished nachos instead got aluminum foil wrapped over her plate.

“You realize I may not get it back to you until the middle of the month,” she said as she rushed out to catch her bus.

Perihelion Brewery, 2800 16th Ave. S., Seattle, offers happy hour Wednesday-Sunday 4-5 p.m. with $5-$8 snacks and sandwiches (206-200-3935 or

Tippe and Drague Alehouse, 3315 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle (206-538-0094 or