Baristas supposedly created the drink after running out of ingredients for the elusive Unicorn Frappuccino, but the dragon frap might be just as hard to find.

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If you missed the elusive Unicorn Frappuccino last week, maybe you’ll have better luck capturing this week’s buzzy Starbucks drink: the Dragon Frappuccino.

The drink is reportedly a part of Starbucks “secret menu,” that is, if you are in the know about how to order it. According to Fortune magazine and the “Today” show, the drink was created by baristas after they ran out of ingredients for the sought-after Unicorn drink.

The dragon version — not an official drink on the Starbucks menu — is supposedly made up of vanilla-bean powder, berry cup swirl and the Green Tea Frappuccino.

A Starbucks spokesperson told Bustle, “If customers want to order a beverage that is not listed on our menu boards, we recommend they know the recipe so that their barista can handcraft the beverage perfectly for them.”

So here’s how Bustle recommends you order it:  1) order a Green Tea Frappuccino 2) request vanilla-bean powder be added 3) ask for a swirl of berry syrup (make sure this is at the bottom). Voila. Dragon deliciousness.

The “Today” show says the berry swirl is hard to find though. A Starbucks spokesperson says the berry swirl is no longer available.

At one downtown Starbucks in Seattle, baristas on Thursday morning vehemently denied the drink existed.

“People have been asking about it since yesterday but it’s fake,” one said. “There’s no secret menu. We would never create anything that made us more work.”