So many restaurants, only a few weeks' time... One way to go is to hit a new (or new to Seattle Restaurant Week) place that you've been meaning to try anyway.

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It’s back, and now it’s the only game in town: Seattle Restaurant Week has officially eaten up Dine Around Seattle, with the two “unified into one premier promotion dining experience flying under the Seattle Restaurant Week banner.” It’s going for three weeks instead of two, and the price has gone up a dollar: $33 for three-course dinners, Sundays through Thursdays, from October 15 through November 2, with many of the 165-plus local restaurants offering $18 lunches as well. SRW is also promising seasonal happenings, starting with a local shellfish event this coming January. (The Seattle Times Company is a sponsor.)

But with so many choices, where do you dine? Our lists of newcomers, best overall values and best ambiance can help. Pro tips: Preview your menu options at, be sure to make reservations (some restaurants get overrun), and remember to tip well (with all the bargain-hunters and overtaxed kitchens, SRW can be tough for servers).

16 newcomers

Here are the brand-new restaurants — as well as the ones freshly joining up — on the Seattle Restaurant Week list this time around. Check out the options on their prix-fixe SRW menus here.