SLU gets a slew of fresh drinking and dining options, while the rest of the area gets a few... and in new locations of existing places, Ezell's comes to Wallingford and Asadero Sinaloa opens in Ballard.

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Bar Harbor in South Lake Union: This shipshape place near SLU’s Meat & Bread makes a lobster roll that owner Ben Hodgetts is edging as close to perfection as he possibly can, obsessing about every detail. He’s from Maine, so he knows his lobster; his local restaurant bona fides include Matt’s in the Market. Also on the menu: oysters from both coasts (fight!), the extremely intriguing cheeseburger tartare, a crab-and-kale Caesar, chowders, and more.

Mbar in South Lake Union: Chef Jason Stratton’s making a gorgeous-looking (and spendy) menu — deploying his diverse expertise from Spinasse, Aragona, and Mamnoon — at this rooftop bar and restaurant from Mamnoon’s Racha and Wassef Haroun. The capacious deck is partially covered, with heat, firepits, and blankets by artist Joey Veltkamp for warmth as the weather changes, and the views are gloriously sweeping. The ground-floor entrance is inside the same building that houses Bar Harbor.

The White Swan Public House on South Lake Union: “Think Radiator Whiskey meets seafood” at this place right on the lake, from the same owner as Radiator (and Matt’s in the Market, too).  The gastropub menu from chef Josh Nebe features the likes of Poutine O’ The Sea: fries dressed with littleneck clams, chowder, bacon and scallions (sounds strange and probably awesome). Note, while there’s still a little sun: Happy hour means $1 oysters, 4 to 6 p.m. weekdays. The White Swan is next to also-new fish-and-chips sibling The 100 Pound Clam, which Tan Vinh says is great. Feel free to dock your boat to come eat.

Vestal and Poulet Galore and Cantine Bottleshop & Bar in South Lake Union: Breaking its own previous record, the Huxley Wallace Collective has a three-fer of brand-new places, all in a row in SLU. Higher-end Vestal is “the home of sorts for chef Joshua Henderson… centered around a vast chef’s counter surrounding a wood-fired hearth… inspired by the rich ingredients and seasons of the Northwest.” Poulet Galore makes rotisserie chicken on weekdays at lunchtime only, $20 for a whole bird. Cantine Bottleshop & Bar is a bar with quality beer (possibly including some fresh hop right now), plus Frito pie and TVs for sportsball.


No Anchor in Belltown: a Rob Roy sibling that appears to be a beer-geek’s paradise, with a menu from Spur’s Jeffrey Vance that looks great too; 190 Sunset in Edmonds: upscale “Foods for All Moods with a focus on Northwest Fresh” from Toulouse Petit chef Clive Gomez; Seattle Fish Guys in the Central District: poke at 23rd and Jackson; Honor Society Coffee on Capitol Hill: taking over the bar at Sitka and Spruce during daytime, with a menu from the chef of Juicebox Cafe; Union Coffee in the Central District: next to where Feed Co Burgers #2 will be.


Ezell’s in Wallingford: the 14th outlet for Oprah’s favorite fried chicken, including one in Dubai!?; Asadero Sinaloa in Ballard: the hotly anticipated second location of a Kent favorite for “high-quality meats al carbon” with handmade tortillas, where Zayda Buddy’s used to be; Carmine’s in Bellevue: more fine dining from the family of Il Terrazzo Carmine; Valhalla Sandwiches in Greenwood: a brick-and-mortar sibling to the Now Make Me a Sandwich food truck; A la Mode Pies in West Seattle: the second location; Pagliacci Pizza on Mercer Island: the 26th store.