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Since talking with Vashon Island author Jo Robinson about her research into healthy food, I’ve found myself making different choices at the grocery store when shopping for dinner. Robinson’s book, “Eating on the Wild Side,” distills the scientific research on nutritious produce and grains — noting, for instance, that fresh asparagus contains surprisingly high levels of antioxidants, or describing how potential cancer-fighting compounds in garlic are destroyed if it’s heated right after it’s chopped.

Some of the findings reported in the book seem well-established, some sound more preliminary. (I’m always wary of putting too much faith into a single scientific study, even one published in a peer-reviewed journal — how many times have we seen early results get overturned by later, more comprehensive research?) But Robinson’s research into modern agriculture encompassed thousands of reports and years of study. Even if a few of the conclusions should change over time, I figure I can’t go too wrong given that her choices all involve eating fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Here are some of the choices I’ve been making based on the hundreds of such tidbits in her book: