It's finally happening, months later than originally anticipated.

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The Seattle location of hit burger chain Shake Shack is shaping up, and now fans finally can plan to line up: The opening is officially set for 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 6. To say anticipation is high would be an understatement; the debut was originally planned for late spring, and a Shake Shack pop-up in June at Seattle’s very upscale Canlis was bonkers.

The South Lake Union Shake Shack — located at 2115 Westlake Avenue, three blocks south of Denny — will feature a patio and an installation by local artist Jesse Brown, along with several more pointedly Seattle-only specials. The Montlake Double Cut burger will put grass-fed local beef and Beecher’s Just Jack cheese on a Macrina bun; a Coffee & Croissant frozen custard concrete shake comes with Sea Wolf croissant brittle and Theo chocolate; and a Pie Oh My concrete gets a slice of A la Mode pie. Five percent of ongoing sales of the Pie Oh My will go to Seattle’s YouthCare, a nonprofit working to end youth homelessness. Oh, and there will be local beer, made by Fremont Brewing, Black Raven Brewing Co., Aslan Brewing Co. and Reuben’s Brews.

Shake Shack habitués are already aware of the not-so-secret secret menu, including a peanut-butter bacon burger, BLT and grilled cheese sandwich.

The original Shake Shack opened in New York in 2004; the company now has more than 180 locations domestically and worldwide.