Danny Meyer's much-loved burger chain Shake Shack is doing a pop-up at Canlis on June 23 in anticipation of its opening in South Lake Union in the fall.

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Seattleites, you can get a taste of Shake Shack when that cult burger chain does a pop-up at Canlis’ parking lot on June 23.

It’s a teaser, an evil, evil teaser, for when Danny Meyer’s  fast-food chain opens in South Lake Union, two blocks from Whole Foods Market (scheduled to open around September).

The ShackBurger ($6) and crinkle-cut fries ($3) will be featured, and the Canlis kitchen will gussy up the pop-up with Dungeness crab melt, because, well, it’s Canlis.

The pop-up, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., feels more like a summer festival, with live performances by local bands SISTERS, Spirit Award and The Moondoggies, and lawn games set up for kids. More details here.

Expect a madhouse. You’ll likely need to bus, bike or use a ride-sharing service to get there since parking is limited.

Here’s the pop-up menu:

  • ShackBurger – $6
  • Canlis Dungeness Crab melt – $10
  • Crinkle Cut Fries – $3
  • The Canlis Shack-wich Whoopie Pie – $5
  • ShackMeister Beer – $5
  • JONES Root Beer Soda – $3
  • Charles & Charles Rosé – $6