Congrats to Renee Erickson and Edouardo Jordan, representing Seattle brilliantly on critic Bill Addison's influential nationwide list.

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Seattle chefs Renee Erickson and Edouardo Jordan are stars, everybody knows it, and today brings more recognition from the world at large: Erickson’s Bateau and Jordan’s Salare both made Eater’s brand-new 21 Best Restaurants in America list.

Respected Eater National critic Bill Addison has the tough job of traveling and eating all over the States, “in a blur of calories and miles,” to put together the winners — he calls narrowing it down “torment” (and clearly would’ve liked to make it a 30 Best list, given his nine runners-up).

This time, Addison says, he found his “biggest surprise was in Seattle, where a new beef-centric bistro might end up remapping the blueprint for the modern steakhouse” — that’s Renee Erickson’s lovely, Seattle-Times-four-starred Bateau. He calls it “genius.” (Want to try it for cheaper than four-star prices? Here’s how.)

At Jordan’s year-old, already beloved Salare, the menu “reads — and tastes — like his culinary biography, and is it ever a page-turner,” Addison says. (He also mentions Bar Sajor; note that, sadly, it just recently closed down.) Please allow me this I-told-you-so moment about Edouardo Jordan… thanks!

And if you’re in Portland, expect to find it very difficult to get a table at Han Oak, “a dream dinner party” of a place that also made the Eater list.

Renee Erickson, owner of Seattle restaurants including The Walrus and The Carpenter, reflects on how her Pacific Northwest roots have influenced her food philosophy as she pulls up Dungeness crab from Shilshole Bay. (Corinne Chin / The Seattle Times)