Seahawks season is finally upon us! If you haven’t already broken the bank buying tickets, we hate to say it, but you might end up breaking it while buying food at the game.

CenturyLink Field has many local food options, including Beecher’s, Ivar’s and Din Tai Fung, but while delicious, they can get pretty pricey.

To put that in perspective, when we told one of our sports editors that we were going to try to find cheap food options at a Seahawks game, he immediately started laughing and said, “Yeah … Good luck.”

But alas, our investigative skills and young, broke millennial instincts prevailed, and we were able to find a few good deals.

Before you go, know the stadium’s outside food policies. You can bring in outside food in a clear plastic bag, or pizza in a pizza box, according to the CenturyLink Field website. The only outside beverages allowed are sealed plastic water bottles — plain water only, with no flavors or carbonation.

If you plan to bring food in, be aware of the NFL’s Clear Bag Policy, which limits each fan to one large, clear bag for carrying food or personal items. You can also carry a small clutch bag about the size of a hand or smaller.


Things to avoid buying at the game

Candy or peanuts: A bag of peanuts or a movie-theater-style box of candy  costs $5.50 at concession stands. You’re probably better off bringing in your own — although remember to put it in a clear bag.


Water: A bottle of water is $5 at concession stands. Bring your own sealed water bottle, or an empty plastic bottle that you can refill at water fountains around the stadium. If you don’t have plastic water bottles at home, outside vendors around the stadium typically sell them for $1.

Kettle corn and popcorn: A bag of kettle corn is $8 at concession stands, and standard buttered popcorn is $6. If you’re really craving popcorn, consider the 12s value combo (more about that later).

Pregame deals

The best deals in the stadium are available from the time gates open until kickoff, but you have to know where to look. Touchdown City in the CenturyLink Event Center, adjacent to the lower concourse, has an indoor tailgating atmosphere with games, a pregame broadcast and concessions. The same deals are available at Muckleshoot Plaza in the north end of the stadium, which also has pregame live music.

At these two locations, water, soda, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos or fries are all $3 each. Domestic beers are $5, and “premium beer” (Goose Island IPA when we visited) and wine (Sagelands chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon) are $6.

Surprisingly, the French fries were the best snack we tried out of the bunch. (Yes, we are aware that the included photo makes the fries look wildly unappetizing. Even our editor told us, “Those are the saddest fries I have ever seen.”) Although they were soft and slightly undercooked, they were perfectly salted and greasy, and maintained solid flavor even when they were cold.


The nachos had an interesting twist, with a flavorful white cheese sauce (white cheddar? Monterey Jack? We couldn’t really tell what it was), versus the typical, goopy neon-yellow cheese you typically see with the snack. The downside: There wasn’t nearly enough cheese, nor jalapeños, to go with the amount of chips.

The pretzel was disappointingly cold and doughy, and even the same cheese sauce as the nachos didn’t improve it much. (Pro tip: The cheese makes a great dipping sauce for the French fries as well.)

Value combos

During the game, you can find two different dining deals for $12 each.

Local Dogs and Links: sections 109, 124, 135, 149, 313, 324, 331

At any Seattle Dogs location in the stadium, get the 12s Combo, which includes a bag of popcorn, two water bottles and two hot dogs for $12. With enough snackage to feed two people, this is probably the best deal you can find during the game.

The hot dog is pretty standard and plain (you can add condiments near the concession stands). Not a lot of tasting notes there other than … it tasted like a hot dog. Overall though, the combo is a great deal considering a jumbo hot dog is $7 on its own.

Grab and Go: sections 111, 122, 133, 204, 240, 315, 329

If you’re looking for a meal to just feed one person, you can pick up a Grab & Go Combo for $12 at any Grab & Go location around the stadium. This deal includes any entree, a bag of chips and a bottle of water. The entree options are also a little healthier than your standard concession fare, with a variety of wraps, salads and sandwiches.