Sun Liquor paired with Snoqualmie Ice Cream to turn its famous eggnog into a different kind of treat.

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The famous Sun Liquor eggnog that folks line up around the block for on Christmas Day is now available as an ice cream.

Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s new holiday flavor will be released in grocery stores around the Northwest by mid-October. Stock up now (suggested retail price is $4.99 a pint, though it will be on sale from $2.50 to $4 before the holiday).

The ice cream is nonalcoholic; the brandy, bourbon and rum were simmered to make a concentrated reduction syrup that was used in the ice cream.

Officials from Snoqualmie Ice Cream hope the new flavor will last until Christmas but worry it might sell out by the end of November due to the eggnog’s popularity.


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