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Ridge Pizza seems to have two types of customers: the regulars and the soon-to-be regulars. It’s not hard to see why: the Phinney Ridge pizzeria is perhaps the friendliest place in the city to shake off the Seattle freeze.

The pizzas are named after next-door-neighbor businesses: the pepperoni after the True Value hardware store, the combo after Ken’s Market grocery store, a vegetarian pie after Woodland Park Zoo (meats would just be awkward), the turkey meatball after the now-closed Santoro’s bookstore.

There are also the charity-case pizzas, which raise money for local organizations — the Greenwood Elementary PTA (a pizza created by fifth-grader Elise Gerke), the Firefighter and a mac-and-cheese pizza for the beloved Phinney Neighborhood Association.

The menu: You’ll see all the regular pies, plus some fun riffs: chicken breast and Gorgonzola (Two Birds, $19 for 12-inch, $28 for 18-inch) or red potatoes, bacon and truffle oil (Oliver’s Twist, $19/$28). With three veggie pies on the menu, plus the option to build your own, vegetarians should be well satiated.

Stop by on Seahawks game day and you might luck out with the Kick it, Pete! calzone ($12) or the Blitz! breakfast pizza ($19/$29), which feature both American and Canadian bacon, for North American solidarity.

Sandwiches include the vegetarian Farmer’s Market (eggplant, artichoke hearts and mushrooms), Prost! (ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and greens), and a baked French dip with au jus (all $11).

What to write home about: The pizzas are not greasy. Can we say that again, louder this time? They are not greasy!

The setting: A neighborhood pizza joint that moonlights as a sports bar, while offering all the family friendliness of shared tables and a shuffleboard setup out back.

Summing up: A dip sandwich ($11, plus $2.50 to substitute chips for a house salad) and a 12-inch pizza ($19) came to $35.59 after tax, and fed two with leftovers.

Katrina Barlow: