Rainier, Seattle's favorite cheap beer, is trying to muscle into another favorite beer market — hoppy brews. The iconic brand will release an IPA soon in Seattle stores.

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When it comes to beer, Seattleites love their cheap Rainier and their IPAs. But how about a Rainier IPA? Would bar hoppers go for that?

We’re going to find out. Rainier Brewing Company announced Wednesday morning its new beer will hit grocery stores across the state during the week of Aug. 20. Rainier PCT IPA, around $8.99 for a six pack (12-oz. cans), will also be available in Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

In the last two years, Rainier, the beer of choice at local frat parties and dives, has been branching out to take advantage of its iconic brand, first rolling out a “Pale Mountain Ale” in 2016 in a fancy, retro-style bottle and then this spring came its Rainier Radler (think cheap lager spiked with a lemon soda), tailored more for the mainstream.

Rainier PCT IPA is geared more toward the beer geeks, brewed with Comet, El Dorado and Azacca hops and comes in at 4.5 percent alcohol by volume, about the same as the signature Rainier (4.6 percent).

The marketing of Rainier’s latest is tied to the 50th anniversary of the Pacific Crest Trail. The company will donate 25 cents per case, up to $10,000, to support the Pacific Crest Trail Association to help maintain the trail, a spokesperson said Wednesday.