This Frelard restaurant, known for its Catalan-and Valencian-inspired dishes, made the cut for GQ magazine's list of best new restaurants in America.

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I’ve got a feeling scoring a table at Tarsan i Jane just got harder. GQ, the men’s fashion glossy, anointed that Frelard joint one of the “10 Best New Restaurants in America.”

Writer Brett Martin called its Catalan-and Valencian-inspired dishes “some of the most alive and enrapturing I tasted all year.” And on Sundays, Perfecte Rocher and Alia Zaine’s restaurant “serves a five-course menu of more rustic but equally entrancing dishes, anchored by vast pans of paella — a fingernail-deep layer of perfectly crusty rice.”

Chef Perfecte Rocher of Fremont’s Tarsan i Jane grew up in the hills of Valencia, Spain – and his upbringing influenced what he considers to be a perfect paella. (Johnny Andrews and Corinne Chin / The Seattle Times)

But the accolades came with a few shots. GQ said Tarsan i Jane is “attracted to some of fine dining’s worst pretensions. When you make a reservation via the website, you are treated to a disquisition on ‘trust,’ a lecture that boils down to ‘Don’t ask for salt.’ I pitied the server, otherwise stellar, who was forced to follow the policy of not giving tastes of wines by the glass, explaining, ‘We should be able to tell you what they are like.’ ” Check out the full story here.

Here’s our critic’s review of the restaurant from back in August.

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And here’s GQ’s top ten new restaurants in alphabetical order. Note that our neighbor, Portland, also scored a spot with Han Oak.

GQ’s 10 Best New Restaurants in America

Aska (Brooklyn)

Flowers of Vietnam (Detroit)

Han Oak (Portland, OR)

Kato (Los Angeles)

Kemuri Tatsu-ya (Austin)

Rooster Soup Co. (Philadelphia)

Salazar (Los Angeles)

Side Chick (Los Angeles)

Tarsan i Jane (Seattle)

Young Joni (Minneapolis)