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Barack Obama’s personal aide, Reggie Love, showed some love for Seattle in a profile in today’s New York Times by noting that when it comes to must-have munchies, Obama’s a big fan of Fran’s Chocolates. A political wonk who loves Seattle’s own Willy Wonkess? Well, as anyone who’s ever tasted Fran’s chocolates can attest, who can blame him? (I’ll admit to having eaten — shhhh! — not one, but two Fran’s GoldBars just last week.) Meanwhile, while slurping ramen at Boom Noodle on Capitol Hill today at lunch, who do I spy walking by? Fran Bigelow and her son, Dylan, who along with his sister, Andrina, has been hard at work at their Capitol Hill chocolate laboratory turning Fran’s Chocolates into a second-generation business. Dropping my chopsticks, I ran out to say hello and congrats. And yes, they said, they’d been hot-diggity-doggin’ it all day having heard that their very own confections are on Obama’s Greatest Hits-list.