Are Seattle restaurateurs really that freaked out about $15? Where can you find Catfish Corner now? What about a free crumpet?

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IS THE SKY FALLING (AGAIN/STILL) BECAUSE OF $15? Two media outlets have taken a look at how Seattle restaurants are responding to the minimum wage increase, including 11 restaurateurs total. KUOW sounds somewhat alarmist, deploying an $18-by-2025 figure that’s a projection based on a probably-higher-than-actual inflation rate, failing to note that two of the restaurateurs in its story are in the process of opening additional restaurants and bringing up the purportedly $15-related zPizza closure again (which has been pretty thoroughly debunked). Meanwhile, Eater Seattle‘s more measured reporting lets six restaurateurs say in their own words that they’re not actually panicking.

CHEESE WICHES will be Seattle’s first charitable food truck, brought to you in part by the brothers who run the Cheese Wizards truck. Nice! MORE>>>

GASTROPOD’s getting a new chef, as the great Travis Kukull will be moving to South Lake Union to run his new place, Mollusk. Two people are auditioning for the role, and you can help choose. MORE>>>

THE BEST DIM SUM in Seattle and on the Eastside includes both from-the-cart and a-la-carte spots, plus one brand-new place that’s really, really good. (Also: secrets for getting a table at Jade Garden without an hour wait!). MORE>>>

FOOD DOOM (and doom in general) is surely upon us: More than 40 percent of beehives in the United States have died in the past year. MORE>>>


CATFISH CORNER is back! The original owners’ grandson has resurrected the longtime favorite — it’s now known as Jackson’s Catfish Corner — in a tent near the Rainier Beach light rail station. He’s hoping to eventually secure a permanent location, and he sounds pretty great. MORE>>>

TWO NEW POP-UPS have popped up, in Georgetown and at the Pike Place Market. MORE>>>


PO DOG‘s Ballard branch and its adjoining bar, Anchors Away, have closed down (and if the comments on My Ballard are any indication, they won’t be missed much). MORE>>>


FREE CRUMPETS! Get them while they’re hot on National Crumpet Day, Saturday, May 16, at the Queen Bee Cafe. Promisingly, Queen Bee’s crumpet-chef is Justin Sledge, formerly of the great Cafe Juanita. It’s on Madison where Capitol Hill, the C.D. and Madison Valley converge. MORE>>>

SIFF’S CULINARY CINEMA celebration contains almost a dozen promising food documentaries this year, plus some Dinner and a Movie nights of film/restaurant pairings. Of note: “For Grace,” which starts predictably but turns into something terribly tragic and incredibly moving. MORE>>>

THE BREACH is a documentary about the decline of our wild salmon, co-produced by T-Doug, and it screens tomorrow, Friday, May 15, at SAM. MORE>>>

THE POULET BLEU is the new It Chicken, if that’s not too Portlandia for you, and there’s a dinner to celebrate its tastiness at Copperleaf Restaurant. MORE>>>

SEATTLE BEER WEEK still has our fair city happily awash in suds, say goodbye to “Mad Men” with highballs and deviled eggs at Tini Bigs, and MORE>>>


GOLDFINCH TAVERN shall be the name of Ethan Stowell’s restaurant set to open in June at the Four Seasons downtown; the goldfinch is our (adorable) state bird. MORE>>> • THE CARLILE ROOM, Tom Douglas’s downtown tribute to Brandi Carlile and, oddly, the year 1968, is officially opening July 1. MORE>>> • BIG MARIO’S is getting bigger with a second outlet planned for Lower Queen Anne in the fall (and more apparently on the way). MORE>>> • SANSEI is so popular for sushi and seafood in Hawaii, there are four of them, and now chef DK Kodama is opening one downtown this fall (in a new highrise, of course). MORE>>>