Ethan Stowell plans a gastropub for Ballard; Canlis makes a great hire; the term "Ravennaissance" is (regrettably) coined; and more.

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ETHAN STOWELL IS OPENING A GASTROPUB this summer in the former Portalis space in Ballard. It’ll be called Brambling Cross Tavern — brambling cross is a type of hops — and stuff that’s being bandied about for the menu ranges from Wagyu beef to tater tots (which sounds like an excellent combination, now that they mention it). When will Stowell open something in Ravenna? Because…

THE RENAISSANCE OF RAVENNA, aka the Ravennaissance, is official (if, yes, ridiculous). There’s Josh Henderson (Skillet, Westward) opening a burger spot and a cafe, and bringing in an Alinea alum to help do so; Edouardo Jordan (Bar Sajor) working on his new restaurant; and also a brewery and a bakery are going in. MORE>>>

CANLIS HAS A NEW CHEF, and it’s Brady Williams of Roberta’s/Blanca in Brooklyn. Will the Canlis brothers have the guts to let him have his way with the menu at Seattle’s fine-dining institution? Because that could make for some really, truly world-class greatness. Could Canlis garner Seattle’s first Michelin star? MORE>>>

KRAKEN CONGEE will be taking Little Uncle’s spot in Pioneer Square. That didn’t take long… almost seems like the Seattle restaurant industry is booming. MORE>>>

ZERO RESTAURANTS HAVE CLOSED in Seattle in the past week, as far as I can determine, despite the doom-saying. MORE>>>

$15 REMAINS IN FULL EFFECT for Seattle franchise restaurants, which will still be treated as large employers. A federal judge says, “There is simply no credible evidence in the record that indicates franchisees will close up shop or reduce operations, or that new franchisees will not open up in Seattle.” MORE>>>

AND FAST-FOOD WORKERS are filing complaints with OSHA about working conditions; one-third of them report managers telling them to use condiments to treat burns. MORE>>>


BLUESTONE is new on Capitol Hill, and it’s a low-key, cheap-eats Korean place that’s reportedly very good. It’s at 1631 E Olive Way (206-726-0141). With all the fancy, pricey stuff that’s been opening in that neighborhood, hooray for BlueStone! MORE>>>

JUDE’S OLD TOWN pub is newly open in Rainier Beach, from the owner of Columbia City’s beloved Lottie’s Lounge (Jude was his mom’s nickname… awwww). It’s where the well-liked Cafe Vignole used to be, near the cute Redwing Cafe and across the street from popular Nate’s Wings & Waffles. This will be called a neighborhood renaissance in five… four… three… MORE>>>

COYLE’S BAKESHOP is brand-new in Greenwood for fans of Rachael Coyle’s baked goods and lucky neighbors (she’s formerly of the great Le Pichet/Cafe Presse and the Herbfarm). Also! TOP POT is finally open on Alki in West Seattle, and a second location of BISCUIT BITCH is open in Belltown. And there was gluten, and it was good. MORE>>>

THE BAR SHOPPE is open in Pioneer Square. It is — stay with me now — a bar (with panini coming soon) as well as a barware store, cocktail-class classroom and special-event space, and it is only open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., after which it turns back into Trinity, in which it is housed. Got it? “King Cocktail” Dale DeGroff will be in the house this Wednesday, March 25. MORE>>>


JUDKINS STREET CAFÉ in Judkins Park is closed because the building is being torn down for a new development; they plan to reopen shortly in a new location. Meanwhile, neighbors are petitioning the city to have the replacement structure designated mixed-use rather than townhouses/single families, so that another community meeting spot can happen in the location. MORE>>>


AMUSE YOUR BOUCHE around town. Cheers, friends! MORE>>>