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HELP OUT Willows Inn chef Blaine Wetzel and his fiance, Willows Inn GM Raquel Ruiz Diaz — they must pay for extensive surgery she faces after she was hit by a drunk driver while jogging in Paraguay. She had inadvertently let her health insurance lapse for about a month, during which time the accident took place. The driver fled the scene. Terrible. MORE>>> and DONATE>>>

THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER is not opening a branch in Hollywood. The restaurant opening there called The Walrus and Carpenter has nothing to do with Renee Erickson’s renowned Ballard place, and the company opening it is apparently unconcerned about using the same name. Erickson says, “Dumb and funny to think they can get away with it.” MORE>>>

ANTIBIOTIC USE in animals bound for the plate and the possible problems for human health involved are getting talked about, so that’s good. An NPR piece asks,”When risks are uncertain, what do you do?” Um, be conservative? MORE>>> And McDonald’s, in yet another bid to improve its image, is at least taking a step in the right direction on this score. MORE>>>


SOUP DADDY in South Lake Union closed up shop last Friday, with owners Diane and Karl sending this note to fans: “Thank you all for all of your support for the last 6½ years. Today will be our last day here at Soup Daddy’s, it’s sad but true but in the end it will be ok. Friends are family you choose for yourself and we have been extremely blessed by so many of you.”

ARABICA LOUNGE, the pretty, airy cafe on the corner of Denny and Olive Way, is closed. This one was expected, but it’s still sad. Will some other place start hosting Twin Peaks Chess Night in its stead? MORE>>>


GREAT CHEFS’ BURGERS are on the menu all month at Li’l Woody’s on Capitol Hill and in Ballard, starting this week with Maria Hines’ Golden Beetle Burger (harissa aioli, serrano chilies, baharat-seasoned beef), followed weekly by equally excellent-sounding entries from Matt Dillon (brown butter, maple syrup, fried chicken skin!), Renee Erickson (green goddess dressing) and Brendan McGill (Hitchcock pastrami). Yes, please! MORE>>>

FREE FRIES FRIDAY is back, every first Friday of the month (that’s tomorrow!) at Pike Street Fish Fry (with a beverage purchase). Also, an upcoming guest chef dinner at RN74 with Lee Wolen of BOKA Chicago and our own John Sundstrom. And a new happy hour at Sundstroms’s new Bitter/Raw. MORE>>>

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are back and gluten-free acoustic music can be yours. MORE>>>


CHANDALA is open for Thai food in Columbia City, where vegetarian spot St. Dame’s used to be. It’s family-run, with chef and namesake Chandala Khamnouane cooking; she previously cooked at Uma Thai in Kenmore and is known for her crispy fish panang. MORE>>>

QUINTANA ROO MEXICATESSEN in Shoreline is the reincarnation of Quintana Roo in Edmonds, known for its chili back in the day. MORE>>>

PAM’S KITCHEN now has a second spot for its/her Trinidadian food in Wallingford (in the former Patty’s Eggnest space, which was most recently, and extremely briefly, Salut Bistro. While the U District Pam’s is now closed, the Eastlake branch is still open (lunch only). MORE>>>

CHACO CANYON CAFE now has a third outlet in Greenwood, with even more vegan baked goods than the first two. MORE>>>


COYLE’S BAKESHOP, which should be great, opens at 7 a.m. a week from tomorrow in Greenwood. Owner/baker Rachael Coyle is a former pastry chef at Le Pichet and Cafe Presse, and has also worked at the Herbfarm. MORE>>>

LISA NAKAMURA has found a home for her new Gnocchi Bar in the D’Ambrosio Gelato space at 12th and Pine, and gelato will continue there while she gets it ready. (Nakamura is formerly of Allium on Orcas Island, the Herbfarm and the French Laundry, so her gnocchi’s probably really good.) MORE>>>

TOM DOUGLAS will be opening a new restaurant near the Paramount, and it might be named after Brandi Carlisle… MORE>>>