Who's behind the new seafood spots in Columbia City and Pioneer Square? (And will they be good?) Also: McDonald's gets desperate, Bill Nye goes pro-GMO, Tacoma gets Seattle-style restaurants and more.

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SALTED SEA: In Columbia City where Angie’s Tavern used to be, Salted Sea is the complete opposite of Angie’s Tavern: “a new modern American seafood restaurant and raw bar serving fresh and local seafare with a Vietnamese twist.” For those keeping gentrification score, Salted Sea is family-owned, and owner Huy Tat is also involved with the excellent, cheap I.D. noodle house Hue Ky Mi Gia. The emphasis is on serving local stuff — sometimes hyper-local, as with Spinnaker Bay Brewing beer and Full Tilt ice cream. For those curious about how good it will actually be, chef Allyss Taylor was the sous chef at beloved Harvest Vine for three years, and prior to that worked at the underrated Elemental and Elemental Next Door, as well as neighborhood favorite Mona’s. If oyster bars must replace dive bars — which, in Seattle, is starting to feel like a fait accompli — at least this oyster bar sounds potentially very good. Here’s the website/menu, and Zagat has a few food photos.

THE FAIRIE QUEENE: Where the pho shop used to be above Kraken Congee (formerly Little Uncle) in Pioneer Square, this oyster-and-seafood place has been open under the radar for a couple months. (Limited hours — Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. “or later” — may be contributing to its low profile.) Chef/owner Una Kim worked front-of-the-house through high school and college at the UW, attended culinary school in San Francisco, cooked at the great Spring Hill and tourist-and-local favorite Matt’s in the Market, and was most recently sous at South Lake Union standout Re:Public. Kim also ran her family’s restaurant, the Belltown institution Noodle Ranch, but after she converted it to Dope Burger, it closed due to a fire. Extremely reasonable prices — cioppino for $13, wild prawn Louie for $10 — add to the reasons to give the Fairie Queene a try. Here’s the website/menu.

HERB AND BITTER PUBLIC HOUSE: This Broadway place is brought to you by the people of Rocco’s (the Belltown favorite of industry types for cocktails and pizza, but mostly cocktails). Herb and Bitter’s interior looks reproduction-old-timey, while the bar stocks tons of amari and spirits in barrels; the Spanish-ish menu from chef Alex Golden (Bar del Corso) is much more ambitious than you might expect (with entrees from $21 to $26). They’ve also fit a surprisingly big back patio in the space that used to be Than Brothers pho (which moved across the street). MORE>>>

DRUNKY’S TWO SHOE BBQ: This Frelard spot has been open for two months, but ICYMI, people are saying the barbecue’s damn good. Owner Nate Rezac also runs 9 Million in Unmarked Bills in Fremont, but he also worked at Woodinville’s Armadillo BBQ and ran a food truck for a while in the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. MORE>>>

BOUNTY KITCHEN: Bounty co-owner Meg Trainer and chef Morgan Kirkpatrick previously worked together at P.F. Chang’s and Whole Foods. The menu’s got breakfast, toasts, bowls of greens/beans/grains, salads and sandwiches. It’s on Upper Queen Anne where Grub used to be. MORE>>>

FRĒLARD PIZZA COMPANY: Ethan Stowell’s second pizza place is up and running. The diacritical mark (which is technically correct, though unlikely to stick) is called a macron. The more you know! MORE>>>


DESPERATE TIMES, desperate measures: McDonald’s has hired a former White House press secretary to try to fix its broken image. Will the Hamburglar have to go back on unemployment?! MORE>>>

GMOs: Bill Nye did an about-face and became pro-GMOs after visiting Monsanto, and now many would like to take his “Science Guy” title away. MORE>>>

NATIVE AMERICAN FOOD: Eater asks the very good question: When will it finally get its due? (Here in Seattle, we’ve only got the Off the Rez food truck…) MORE>>>

WARNING: If you’re in San Francisco sometime soon and you want a Coke, you may be subjected to a warning label on it to warn you that it is not good for you. Also, be warned that New York is considering putting a warning label on high-salt items at chain restaurants to warn you that those aren’t good for you either.

MANIFEST DESTINY TACOMA: Both Seattle’s Rhein Haus and the Hi-Life/5-Spot/etc. people are opening new restaurant/bars in the City of Destiny. (Also, an old favorite pub is back, and there’s some golf thing happening). Um, get in while the housing’s cheap? MORE>>>

MMMHMM COFFEE: The coffee spot located inside Hilliard’s in Ballard has closed due to “classic startup failure,” according to the owner. MORE>>>


SEATTLE HERRING WEEK is real, it’s now, it’s tasty and it’s the right thing to do. Go eat some fresh herring at favorite restaurants like the Walrus and the Carpenter, Sushi Kappo Tamura, Little Uncle and MORE>>>

CHOPHOUSE ROW‘s opening party (tonight!), Becky Selengut at Marx Foods (Monday) and MORE>>>

CAPITOL CIDERS‘s second birthday (this weekend) featuring a Queen of England look-alike contest and MORE>>>