This new spot from the Bottlehouse owners is teeming with after-work crowds.

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This Mr. West, he burns the candle at both ends, serving lattes to the office drones by 7 a.m. and to-go panini to the busy bees during lunch. And just when you think he’s ready to close up shop, as the suits call it a day, he dims the lights and starts up happy hour.

Opened last month, Mr. West is a cafe/bar inside the remodeled 720 Olive building in downtown. Its spirit animal is an Italian corner cafe, a hub to chatter over cappuccino before work and snacks and wine after work.

Mr. West is an imaginary figure conjured by the owners, Soni and Henri Schock, who also own the cozy wine bar Bottlehouse in Madrona.

Like Bottlehouse, the wine menu here is a combination of Northwest and Old World. Like the Bottlehouse, the modest food offerings are meant more to fortify you between drinks.

At 5 o’clock, when the bar’s floor-to-ceiling windows showed the rush hour of downtown in a downpour recently, the foot traffic around the bar was just as busy, with shoppers in reindeer ears making a pit stop to commingle with white-collar workers letting off steam.

Many sipped rounds of the house red — nicely priced, at five bucks — a decent Malbec on tap, with floral and black cherry notes. No hard liquor here, though it has 13 taps featuring beer, cider and vermouth.

For snacks, there’s tartine, a predictable but serviceable heaping of bacon, avocado, tomato and spread with a rosemary aioli over a crunchy sourdough toast. Better: a vegetarian take that tasted just as rich — ricotta and tomato with a creamy walnut sage pesto on a spongy multigrain.

The building’s entryway looks more like a market hall than an office lobby, with a parquet-style floor and sleek anodized frames.

It’s loud with laughter and teeming with suits and fleece — a surprisingly young crowd for a gathering inside an office building.

Mr. West, 720 Olive Way, offers happy hour 4-7 p.m. weekdays with $2-$7 drink specials and $1.50-$10 bar snacks such as cheese and charcuterie plates. Closed on weekends (206-900-9378 or