As of September, "the only reason people still carry cash in this city" goes away. Would Dick have approved?

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For those of us who grew up scrounging for change under the car seats to get an order of fries, the announcement that Dick’s Drive-In will soon start accepting credit cards might be a little bit of a surprise. The beloved local chain is taking the opportunity to indulge in some hyperbole:

“Remember when the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl? THIS IS ALMOST THAT GOOD!

“After 62 years of accepting only cash, Dick’s Drive-In will also be accepting credit and debit cards at all locations by September 2016.”

They’ll also take Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, the wonders of which Dick Spady could never have predicted when he started the chain in 1954 — a hamburger cost 19 cents then. The founder died this past January (R.I.P.).

Would Dick have approved?

“The only reason people still carry cash in this city is to eat at Dick’s Drive-In,” said son Jim Spady in a statement; he’s now president of the family-run chain. “One of the last major decisions my dad made was to start us on this path.”

Patrons will still be able to donate to homeless causes, including FareStart and Mary’s Place, via their Dick’s Drive-In bill by “Rounding Up for Charity.” The company reports that customers have donated $1.4 million over the last 18 years —nice, Seattle (and Edmonds, too!).