In North Seattle, family-run Little Ting’s Dumplings has built a steady fan base.

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Often it’s the “little tings” in life that make us happy, and Little Ting’s Dumplings in North Seattle will surely put a smile on your face.

This small, family-run business opened a little more than a year ago and has been gaining a steady following of those in search of hot, juicy dumplings. You’ll find them here, filled mainly with seasoned pork or seafood and vegetables.

Competition is fierce in the dumpling world — just across the street is Fu Man Dumpling House — but Little Ting’s, with its cute entryway signage featuring a smiling dumpling, is staking its claim.

Little Ting’s Dumplings


14411 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle


Hours: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday; closed on Mondays during summer

Etc: credit cards accepted; no obstacles to access; no alcohol; parking lot

Prices: $

The menu: Ten varieties of boiled or pan-fried dumplings ($8.59-$12.99) come with 15 pieces per order. Choose between three styles of pan-fried buns ($7.59) and six handmade noodle or pancake dishes ($4.99-$11.99). Specialty items are griddle or pan-fried spare ribs, chicken, beef or lamb ($8.99-$13.99); five soups ($2.95-$8.99); and eight appetizers ($3.99-$7.99). Want to make these dumplings at home? You can buy a 50-piece bag of frozen dumplings ($26) to go.

Handmade noodles in a spicy sauce at Little Ting’s Dumplings. (Mark Yuasa / The Seattle Times)
Handmade noodles in a spicy sauce at Little Ting’s Dumplings. (Mark Yuasa / The Seattle Times)

Don’t miss: The pan-fried pork buns ($8.99) had a crispy, browned bottom and were filled with seasoned pork and a juicy soup that delightfully squirted out when bitten into. The boiled dumplings ($8.99) had a nice textured skin and were filled with tasty pork and vegetables. Our waiter was gracious to let us get a combination of pork dumplings, to try some with cabbage and others with chive.

The setting: Nine tables seat two to six people. Diners can watch workers make dumplings near the front counter.

Summing up: A 15-piece pork with vegetable dumpling ($8.99), two orders of pan-fried pork buns ($7.99 each), handmade noodles in spicy sauce ($8.99), hot and sour cucumbers ($3.99), green onion pancake ($4.99) and soda ($1.50) totaled $48.71 with tax.