The bar was one of the earliest champions of the local-beer movement. Thirty years later, Latona Pub has outlasted most of its competitors.

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Bars come and go; few make it to 30 years like Latona Pub.

Through all the drinking trends and gastropubs, Latona Pub hasn’t so much adapted to the changing times as it has remained true to its calling: Microbrew is its thing.

It was an early supporter of the local-beer movement when you could count the number of microbrews on one hand.

It was the first to introduce a then-obscure pale ale called Manny’s to the Seattle market.

It promoted mom-and-pop beers when it was more profitable and popular for pubs to hawk Budweiser and other macro beers.

But in the end, Latona Pub outlasted most — if not all — of its North End competitors who opened in the 1980s.

Located at the corner of Northeast 65th Street and Latona Avenue Northeast, the namesake bar celebrates its 30th anniversary this Saturday, Aug. 19. The microbrew community will pay tribute to Latona Pub owner Bob Brenlin and his business partners this week by brewing special kegs for the bash.

Latona Pub also held “Legacy Brewers Night” on Tuesday, featuring Seattle beers it supported during those breweries’ infancy years — Pike Brewing, Hale’s Ales, Maritime Brewing and Big Time Brewing. On Wednesday, it did the same for some out-of-state beers: Sierra Nevada, Rogue Brewing, Anderson Valley Brewing and New Belgium.

This unassuming pub is the place to be this Saturday. From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., its 30th anniversary party will include live entertainment and some special sour beers. About a dozen special brews have been squirreled away for the event, including a rare Georgetown Latona Raspberry Gose, a one-year sour from Wander Brewing and a anniversary IPA from Reuben’s.

Latona Pub, 6423 Latona Ave. N.E., Seattle, offers happy hour 4:30-6:30 p.m. daily, with $1.25 off on draft beers (206-525-2238 or