As we all know, the pandemic disregards all boundaries when it comes to disrupting life and interrupting routines, and the holidays will be no different. It’ll be a weird New Year, with fewer multigenerational family gatherings and many more small dinners.

To try and make this time a little easier for those who might not want to cook themselves an entire feast, we’re compiling a list of establishments you can turn to for your New Year’s dinner.

We want to know about restaurants that will be open for takeout and/or delivery on New Year’s Eve/Day, whether they’re offering a special, premade meals or the usual menu, and how much these deals will cost.

If you would like to submit a restaurant for consideration, please fill out the form below. We will keep a running list updated online and publish the list in print on Dec. 27.

If you want to be included in the print edition of these listings, please enter your submission no later than the morning of Dec. 14. Please note that submitting a restaurant does not guarantee inclusion in the list.