The moist-yet-crisp wings are some of the best in Seattle’s South End.

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King Philly Cheesesteaks should add an ampersand and “Wings” to its name.

Its wing game is one of the best in the South End (although the cheesesteak doesn’t suck, either).

New to the Rainier Valley, King Philly Cheesesteaks sits in a strip mall, drawing lots of locals, including construction workers and the after-school crowd, for its $9 namesake sandwich.

King Philly Cheesesteaks


7820 Rainier Ave. S., Unit A, Seattle; 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday and noon to 9 p.m. Sunday; 206-722-2434 and on Facebook

It’s sterile but spacious, with eight tables and two flat-screens in the upper corners. The soundtrack is two dudes in the back kitchen clanking metal spatulas as they chop up the rib eye.

The space is spotless. The vent works really well, which I’m kinda torn about. I mean, shouldn’t a cheesesteak counter be a bit lovingly greasy and perfumed with fried onions?

The menu: Locals come for the cheesesteak and wings. If you order the alternative Philly chicken sandwich or the veggie version, the cook might not know what to do.

Cheesesteak is served on the traditional Amoroso roll with green peppers, onions and mayo, topped with American cheese sauce. Lettuce and tomato are complimentary if requested. The extras: jalapeño for 50 cents and $1 for mushrooms, provolone slices, cheddar slices or bacon. The most popular item, the combo (cheesesteak, fries and soda) costs $11.

Wings can be dressed up with BBQ, Buffalo or a dry lemon-pepper rub ($12.99 including fries and soda). They come with your choice of dipping sauces: honey mustard, ranch, ranch-Sriracha or Buffalo sauce.

Fries can also be souped up with cheese sauce, chicken or steak. Other sides: onion rings and fried pickles.

Don’t miss: Two generous ladles of the house American cheese sauce envelop the 8-inch cheesesteak to bind the thinly chopped rib eye, fried peppers and onions with the soft roll. It’s a gooey salt bomb. And it will taste even better after your rec league game. But opt for the provolone cheese instead. The house cheese sauce tastes a tad like flour paste.

Wings sit for 15 minutes in the fryer and are better for it — they are twice as crunchy as your usual bar variety, with a nice texture of crispy skin and moist meat. Get the dry lemon-pepper rub, an addicting thick coating of salty and zesty sour flavors to gnaw on.

What to skip: The special “Caroline Gold” was a thick glob of vinegary-mustardy yellow sauce on the wings.

Prices: A steak Philly combo with fries and soda, with a $1.50 upgrade to fries with cheese sauce ($12.50), and an order of Carolina Gold wings ($10.99) totaled $23.49, enough for two.