The Triple Threat Julep may be a little bit complicated, but it’s worth the effort.

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I rarely run recipes from cocktail contests because the drinks are too complicated or require too many ingredients to duplicate at home. I’m breaking that rule here. This is one of the best drinks I’ve sampled in a cocktail contest (the Beam Suntory-sponsored Throwdown at The Whisky Bar in Belltown during the summer). It’s boozy but sweet enough that it goes down easy. It’s like a spiked snow cone. Bartender Marco Haines from Herb & Bitter Public House on Capitol Hill came up with the winning drink.


Triple Threat Julep

Note: Auchentoshan American Oak whiskey was used in the contest, but you can sub in a high-wheat bourbon such as Maker’s Mark, Rebel Yell, Old Weller or Dry Fly’s Bourbon 101.


1 handful of mint

2 ounces Auchentoshan American Oak

½ ounce Drambuie

1/3 ounce Meletti Amaro

1 bar spoon Clear Creek’s Douglas Fir Eau de Vie

3 dashes St. George’s Pear Brandy

1 slice of ginger (cut lengthwise)

1 bouquet of mint (for garnish)


1. Add mint to a julep cup or double-rocks glass. Gently agitate with your spoon. (You don’t want to give it a concussion, just enough of a nudge to wake it up.) Add all liquids, except ½ ounce of the whiskey.

2. Fill cup with crushed ice and stir until the glass frosts (about 15 seconds). Top off glass with more crushed ice — mound it up like a snow cone. Then drizzle the final ½ ounce of whiskey over the ice mound. This ensures that the drink continues to evolve as it melts and gives you that whiskey aroma.

3. Garnish with a slice of ginger and the mint bouquet. Serve with a straw.