Sun Liquor's aged eggnog goes on sale Saturday, and in past years it has sold out within hours. Here's this year's timing.

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Start lining up. The best eggnog in town, Sun Liquor’s, goes on sale at Seattle-area Total Wine stores at 2 p.m. Saturday (Dec. 10). If last year’s mayhem is any indication, expect the eggnog to sell out within three hours.

Sun Liquor also squirreled away a few hundred bottles to sell out of its Bottle Shop at 516 E. Pike St., on Capitol Hill, at a future date. Check its social media for the announcement. The 750 ml bottles will sell for $35 (tax included), though those, too, will likely sell out. After that, you’ll have to wait in line — and we mean a line around the block — on Christmas Eve starting at 5 p.m. and Christmas Day starting at 7 p.m. at both Sun Liquor locations when the eggnog is served by the cup.

Here’s why Sun Liquor’s eggnog tastes better than your grandma’s recipe: It’s aged in the fridge from 30 days to 45 days, allowing time for the booze to break down the proteins. The result is a less fluffy concoction, not the cloying glob you get out of the carton at your supermarket. It goes down easy.

Sun Liquor’s eggnog has become such a big hit that it has become a brand, so much so that the bar created an ice cream flavor with Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

Earlier this year, Sun Liquor opened another facility with a 500-square-foot walk-in fridge  and contracted with a bigger dairy to secure more cream to increase production to at least 6,000 bottles, three times last year’s eggnog production, according to Head Distiller Erik Chapman.

The boozy concoction usually includes bourbon and rum, though this variation will be brandy-heavy, Chapman said.

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