The cult eggnog that draws lines around the block will be easier to get this year. Sun Liquor plans to crank out 21,000 bottles.

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Looks like Santa came early. Sun Liquor’s famous eggnog is available starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 18, at all area Total Wine stores.

Seattle’s most famous eggnog usually sells out fast, but the busy bees at Sun Liquor swear this won’t be an issue this season. They started batching earlier: Oct. 10. They worked 10-hour shifts.

Production got so crazy (55,000 eggs were cracked) that three of the six industrial mixers went kaput after the motors burned out. Those mixers were like, “ ‘screw you, we’re done,’ ” quipped head distiller Erik Chapman.

But no worries. They are on pace to get 21,000 bottles done before Christmas, three times more than last year, Chapman said.

The eggnog goes for $35 for a 750 ml bottle. In addition to the bottles at Total Wine, Sun Liquor will hold a few eggnog pop-ups soon. Check its website for times and dates. As is tradition,  Sun Liquor will also sell eggnog by the cup at its Capitol Hill bar on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The magic of Sun Liquor’s eggnog is that it’s not as fluffy as the carton varieties in supermarkets because it’s been aged for 45 days in the fridge, allowing time for the booze to breakdown the proteins. It will go down easy, even though it’s a potent brew of bourbon, rum, and both apple and pear brandy.

Or maybe you want to make Sun Liquor’s eggnog yourself. Below is a video of  Sun Liquor’s distiller Chapman making an easier version of his famous eggnog that you can duplicate at home. Here’s his recipe.

Erik Chapman of Sun Liquor Distillery in Capitol Hill reveals the holiday recipe for their famous Aged Egg Nog.