Scenic Salty's on Alki is a shorts-sandals-and-shade kind of place.

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At Salty’s on Alki Beach, the blackened tuna topped with roe was overworked. The halibut taco that came after it was bland. And yet, I still think Salty’s remains one of the must-hit happy hours during the summer.

Two decks of outdoor seating, with the Space Needle and downtown skyline staring back at you across the water. You can smell the saltwater in the air when the waves splash the rocks just so. It’s a great gathering spot for a casual bite on a sunny Seattle day.

We don’t get too many of those days. And we don’t get them with this spectacular view of the city, at least not without shelling out for overpriced salmon in order to be seated in prime real estate.

For happy-hour places to hit during a shorts-sandals-and-shade kind of day, Salty’s in Alki Beach ranks up there with — only a tad behind — Six-Seven Lounge inside the Edgewater Hotel and Ray’s Café. A good place for a cold one and a mound of nachos to share.

It’s not gourmet — more of a typical beach-cafe menu to match the view. There are chowder and seafood bites, the best being the crispy calamari with some sour peppers and chipotle sauce to finish. Also good: a tropical taste via deep-fried prawns covered in coconut and some crunchy beer-battered fries in the fish and chips.

Salty’s, 1936 Harbor Ave. S.W., West Seattle, 206-937-1600, offers happy hour daily from 3-6 p.m. with $2-$9 food and $4-$6 drinks.

The Salty’s at 28201 Redondo Beach Drive S. in Des Moines, 253-946-0636, offers happy hour Mondays-Saturdays from 2-6 p.m. and Sundays from 3 p.m. to closing (

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