Alton Brown, who hosted the popular "Good Eats" on Food Network, loves Paseo and the mac and cheese at Beecher's. Now he's looking for more suggestions from readers.

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Alton Brown — the popular food science geek and food show personality — is coming to Seattle on March 25. Brown is one of the few food superstars not named Anthony Bourdain who can pack a theater.

He’s doing two shows in one day — a mixture of science experiments, songs and stand-up routine — at The Paramount Theatre downtown. Apparently, he’s still got a lot of free time on his hands. He wants to know where he should eat while he’s here, and asked about it on Facebook and on his website.

When he was here in 2015, he loved Paseo and the mac and cheese at Beecher’s. And he got his caffeine fix at Slate Coffee and Milstead and Co. and his donuts at Top Pot. And now he wants more suggestions.

Where would you send him? Tell him directly on his Facebook post, or fill in your ideas in the comments below.