Fall has arrived. The season of holidays, fall colors and pie! From apples and pears to pumpkins and sweet potatoes, fall produce just begs to be made into baked goods. And come Thanksgiving, the most common baked good that generally graces most dinner tables is pie.

So as we gear up for our holiday season coverage, we want to know: What is the Puget Sound area’s favorite flavor of pie? And where do YOU like to get your favorite slice of pie? Tell us!

We’re gathering submissions to find out Puget Sound’s favorite pie flavor and then we’ll mobilize our food writers to do some pie taste tests and compile a list of the top 10 places you can go to find it!

To get a “piece” of your suggestions and recommendations included in the results of our pie poll, please fill out the form below.

The deadline to submit your suggestions and recommendations is noon Oct. 27. Then, look out for the Nov. 21 edition of The Mix to find out the answer to this most pressing question!

Google Form: forms.gle/LujyTgfWpWWEhqzL7