Come for the beer, stay for more beer.

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Like the best dives, Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline has the dimness that obscures bad decisions and makes future regrets harder to see.

On this night — Taco Tuesday! — half a dozen of the men spread across the padded horseshoe bar seemed a Jim Beam shot away from a night of regret.

One flirted with the female bartender with a bawdy exchange that would make most women blush. Another, who told the bartender to “throw in a couple of tacos” to fortify his shot and Rainier, was too late in staving off inebriation.

Just off the drag of Aurora Avenue North, Darrell’s is an old-school bar with the motto “Where your dad used to drink.” It’s also where the cool millennials go. They come for the cheap Rainier ($7 for a pitcher during happy hour), free pool and live entertainment (rock, jazz and stand-up acts four nights a week).

It’s the only bar I’ve been to in the past five years where I didn’t see a single soul with an iPhone out. Folks come here to get stupid drunk, schmooze face-to-face or people-watch.

Artsy band posters adorn the carpeted walls, but also vintage beer signs — “Rainier Light” and “Old Milwaukee on tap” — that any hipster bar owner on the Hill would pay dearly for.

The real conversation piece, however, was a painting of an earnest, bare-breasted woman with a Post-it caption that read “Mom.”

The tattooed bartender offered other possibilities. “It’s either the wife of the old owner or [from] a garage sale.”

By 9 p.m., as band members (first of three live acts) tuned their guitars, patrons lined up for pints. (The bar also hawks earplugs for a buck.)

Bartender: “Here’s your taco.”

Patron shaking her head: “I said tallboy.”

Bartender: “Oh.”

Patron shrugs her shoulders: “Eh, I’ll eat it.”

Darrell’s Tavern, 18041 Aurora Ave. N., offers happy hour 4-7 p.m. daily with $2.50 Rainier and PBR, $7 pitcher of Rainier and PBR and $5 pint of microbrews, $4 well drinks and $5.50 wine. Note limited kitchen with pre-made pizzas available daily. Also hot dogs on Monday and Taco Tuesday (206-542-6688 or